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Before any code is written, or anyone draws on a white board, our strategy team takes the time to listen. We listen to our clients and their customers. We let the data do the talking, and we listen then, too. We listen to the market, and we listen to competitors. Then, we move.


We start with data, and consider every metric before we make decisions. Our experience, from GA certification to Mixpanel implementation, allows us to deliver regardless of platform.

Persona Building

Sites and apps are designed to get users to act—to read, to signup, to buy. We work with our clients to understand the motivations of their users, both what makes them tick, and more importantly, what makes them act.

User Experience

We map out the user experience, literally creating an end-to-end narrative that helps our analysts, designers, and developers see (and fill) gaps.

Content Strategy

Once we know who we're targeting, what they need, and where the existing site is failing, we focus on how to deliver a new, meaningful experience that drives conversion.


At Third & Grove, we design in-medium, which means that many clients never see a PDF or a PSD. Instead, they review creative in their web browser with live links, interactions, animations, breakpoints, and content. The output is faster, the review process is more productive, and the development is higher-fidelity.

An Iterative Process

Designing in-browser means that we can solicit meaningful feedback and make creative adjustments in real time, greatly reducing the time it takes to move from wireframes to fully functioning concepts.

Resolution Independent

A byproduct (or the product, rather) of designing in-browser means that all breakpoints are styled as we design. Our clients are encouraged to load concepts on their phones and tablets during the review process.

User Testing

While prototyping apps have come along way, nothing beats testing with a live site. Our designs support interactive user testing, where users can press a button, fill out a form, or watch a video, creating a seamless experience.

Dev Ready

Gone are the days of pixel-perfect comps that can’t be translated to code. By starting with code, our creative work is dev-ready from the get go.


Our engineering team focuses on writing lightweight, crisp code that supports flexibility and meets the exacting standards of our creative team. The result is industry leading back-end performance and reliability coupled with forward thinking front-end solutions.


Our experience building one of the most visited sites on the web means we know how to build fast, high-performance experiences for companies of all sizes.


From custom Salesforce connections to fully integrated content and commerce platforms, our engineering team has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions at enterprise scale.


We are leaders in building international sites, designing translation workflows, and creating high-traffic, multi-lingual/multi-site web experiences.

QA Testing

Our quality assurance approach is based on "test early, test often" best practices, with an emphasis on embedding risk assessment, mitigation, and test planning in every phase of a project. This way we solve problems before they happen.


Our experience with Drupal, including the new D8 platform, is unparalleled in the agency world. We employ a core maintainer, all of our Drupal engineers are Acquia certified, and we have built award-winning enterprise sites for some of the largest brands in the world.


As Magento partners, we are proud to have recently launched one of the largest enterprise sites to date on the new Magento 2 platform.


Almost every member of TAG has worked on or built a Wordpress site. We are intimately familiar with the WP ecosystem, including WooCommerce, and we continue to invest in the platform.


We have hands-on experience building shopping experiences powered by Hybris, and recently released an integration module for Hybris and Drupal.


Launching a site or a feature is a time to celebrate. We shipped it—chyeah! But what comes next? At Third & Grove, we firmly believe that our work on digital experiences is never done, and that as a team (devs, designers, strategists, PMs) we can continually find ways to improve the user experience.

Search Optimization

Our engineers and strategists work together to identify and solve technical problems, while our writers and designers create content that gets users to convert and search engines to smile.


We are leaders in developing and executing personalization strategies and custom user experiences for enterprise clients.

Content Production

We don’t churn out blog posts or deliver stacks of stock photography, but we do create meaningful content that is informed by user experience research and data analysis.


Back to where it all started. All of the work we do is data-driven, which means that we follow a continuous cycle: analysis to strategy, strategy to design, design to implementation, and then back to analysis to continue improving.