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Five Signs It's Time to Fire Your Digital Agency

Feb 08 '18

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Having a great digital presence is key to your business, and it make sense to hire a digital agency to take care of your needs. Whether building a new site or supporting your existing site, maintaining the technology takes a lot of work and a lot of trust in the partner you choose. Choosing to stick with the wrong partner can have serious impacts to your business.

Here are some signs that it is time fire your digital agency:

You don't get responses the same day

Agencies that work with many clients simply may not be able to resolve an issue you may be having the same day. However, every agency has the ability to at least acknowledge your email the same day to let you know that it will be handled. This is a key element to understanding if you can trust your agency and that you are a priority.

Your site is out of date

Websites are living things. In another post, I talk about why you should never treat your first release like it will be your last. If your site is on Drupal or Wordpress, you will want to make sure that modules and plug-ins are kept current in order to maintain security of the site. From a strategic perspective, analyzing analytics data on a regular cadence, performance monitoring, and content updates are just some examples of areas that need ongoing support.  If your digital agency is not willing to help you maintain your site after your initial launch, consider going elsewhere. Agencies who know they are a long-term partner and have to support your site after it is built will take greater care in the decisions made upfront and are generally more interested in your long-term success.

You don't know the status of your project

You should be getting updates on your project status at least weekly. At minimum this should include current work status, risks, upcoming items, and a budget update. Agencies like TAG that are not afraid to use instant communication tools such as Slack provide much faster turnarounds at critical times, and provide comfort that your team is able to help you when you need it most.

Deadlines are consistently missed

Sometimes delays happen, but they should rarely be unforeseen. If you are getting regular updates, your agency should be calling out the risks to dates you have targeted so that everyone can either work together to make an impact to whatever is causing the delay, or decide as a group that maybe that date is just not feasible and a new date needs to be set. However, if dates are simply missed with vague explanations or lack of appreciation to the impact it has to your business, you need to move on.

You never get an apology

Sometimes mistakes happen. Technology is complicated and issues can occur that are difficult to foresee, and we are humans managing the technology after all. But as in all relationships, it is important to acknowledge when something goes wrong, how you are going to prevent it from happening again, and show empathy that the mistake had an impact, and apologize. At TAG, we take a look at our work and if we are not proud of work we have done, we take steps to make it right. Your partnership is not valued if this is not done, and it is time to fire your agency. 

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