May 5, 2015 - Justin Emond

The TAG Drupal 7 Starter Skeleton

We build lots of Drupal sites at Third & Grove. To help speed up the start of new projects and ensure more consistency in our builds we started using a Drupal starter skeleton for all new projects. We also took the time to capture improvements we made to the build as projects got underway back into our starter skeleton. The most important part of our awesome engineering culture is our desire to learn from each other, frequently, from everyone on the team (myself included).

The Third & Grove Drupal skeleton is the starter repository we use to start all new Drupal projects. It contains some repo struts we find useful, a collection of import and release helpers we have written over the years, and the basic drush/release framework we use.

We are pleased to release our starter skeleton to the community. Check it out on GitHub.

The skeleton includes lots of goodies:

  • Our default Drupal Vagrant profile
  • Custom drush commands we use on every site
  • A release framework for managing Drupal releases
  • A ton of helper utilities for making releases a breeze
  • A tuned settings.php file and a framework for local developer settings

Our hope is that by releasing the skeleton we can help people have success with Drupal more quickly and help make good decisions early on that will ensure new Drupal sites are sustainable over the long term.

What's next? Drupal 8 support of course!

Pull requests for features or issue fixes are welcome.

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