Jun 26, 2020 - Justin Emond

Five Tactics to Generate More B2B Leads with Drupal

To sell a business a product or service, you have to get in front of the right buyer at the right time. It’s really the second part of that sentence that is so crucial. Why? Because you can’t win deals you don’t know about. 

Imagine the number of buyers for your company’s products or services represented as a circle. Now imagine a second circle that represents all of the times they are ready to buy. If you were to turn this into a Venn diagram for B2B lead generation, you would see a very tiny overlap between these two circles.

So when a prospect visits your site, it’s a rare opportunity to capture the right buyer at the right time.  As a B2B marketer, it is absolutely crucial to maximize the performance of your funnel for traffic already at your site.

At Third and Grove, we work with B2B brands every day to optimize the lead funnels on their sites. Here are five quick tactics you can use to generate more leads from your Drupal site right now.

#1: Fix just one performance issue 

By now, we all know performance matters, and faster sites convert better than slower ones. Faster sites also rank better than slower ones. Yet most sites we encounter with first-time clients have poor PageSpeed scores. Why?

I suspect it’s because the reports are so daunting. When you run a typical site through PageSpeed,  you find lots of problems. It can feel overwhelming.

To move past that feeling, run your site through PageSpeed Insights and pick just one finding on the report to fix—an issue that can be resolved and pushed to production in 24 hours. Does the idea of pushing a fix live in 24 hours sound impossible? If so, you probably need to unstick your support operation.

#2: Remove one item from your navigation

If you have a utility navigation in the header area of your site, just delete it. If you don’t have a utility navigation, take a look at your primary navigation. Go to your analytics and look at how each primary navigation item is involved and helps conversion. Find  the least important navigation item and remove it.

Why will this help?

Imagine a group of people who are continuously walking one way down a long hallway that ends with four doors. When they get to the four doors, they choose one to go through. If you remove one of those doors,more people will walk  through each of the three remaining doors, simply because there are now three doors, not four.

I know this sounds a bit too good to be true, but believe me, it’s not. Offering too many choices increases the rate at which people don’t make any choice at all.

Remember: B2B lead generation optimization is as much about not doing as doing, as much about subtraction as it is about addition.

Unsure how to determine which are your least converting navigation items from your Google Analytics data? Review our Google Analytics guide for KPIs or reach out to Third and Grove’s analytics nerds for help.

#3: Create a dedicated landing page for your next piece of content

Landing pages are the gifts that keep on giving because landing pages work. Find or create the best single piece of content to support your next campaign. Create a landing page in support of that content, and drive an ad or email campaign to that landing page. Split your outreach budget or list into four equal groups. After each push to a group, review your performance and make one refinement to the landing page. Be sure to capture a screenshot of the landing page in each stage.

When the landing page is complete, compare the screenshots of the landing pages and the conversion data of each stage to reflect on where you started and where you ended up, and how much value you created by refining in several rounds.

#4: Optimize for China traffic

Many of our clients operate globally and drive leads from North America, Europe, and AMEA. Due to the great Chinese firewall, China is unique in being a large economy with a highly-fragmented internet experience for mainland users. This means you have to take special care to ensure your site works (effectively) in China.

Choose one recommendation from our guide to optimizing digital site experiences for Chinese audiences and implement it live. 

#5: Optimize three crucial site search terms

Site search is not a cry for help; it’s an opportunity to talk to a prospect. And at the end of the day, a B2B website exists to serve one and only one purpose: to start conversations with prospects.

Look up the three best converting keywords that visitors search for and inject a CTA into the search results. The CTA should link to a page that converts well for the kind of buyer persona that the keyword search suggests the visitor belongs to, or straight to the lead generation form (request for a demo, etc).

Wrapping Up

It can feel very daunting to have a goal to increase B2B lead generation on your site by some large target. But remember that the most powerful method for driving long-term results is making consistent, steady, modest progress every single damn day.

Need help increasing your B2B lead generation velocity? Reach out today to learn how we can help you hit your goals.

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