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Mar 23, 2021 - Rob Browning

3 Tools to Create an Investor Relations Portal on Your Site


For certain businesses, communicating with investors and financial stakeholders is essential. These brands’ digital presence may benefit from an IR portal, a website section that contains financial and corporate information for investors.

What is an Investor Relations portal? 
A good IR portal creates a space investors can access to understand a brand mission’s qualitative and quantitative aspects. An investor relations website serves that function by providing investors information about a company's financial results, background, management team, strategy, and other things. Common sections may include:

  • Company information and strategy
  • Financial data and records
  • Corporate social responsibility information

While providing financial data and reports is important, the portals also aim to help investors explore the context of the company’s strategy and provide clarity about its execution and vision. Brands should strive to have their investor relations website go beyond providing basic financial information. Instead, think of investor relations portals as a tool to help investors understand a company's ongoing story.   

For example, take a look at Facebook’s IR website. Facebook shares event information, press releases, financials, stock information, and much more. You’ll even notice a “Latest SEC Filings” call to action in the header on the IR website’s main page. Facebook offers a great example of what content to feature to investors.


What tools are out there to create IR portals? 
An IR portal is most effective when investors can interact and engage with content. Creating a corporate narrative and positioning financial information in an interesting way can be challenging. Here are a few tools that can help you create a strong investor relations portal or website.  

Q4 Investor Relations Website is a leading platform for building an IR portal. Features include a website CMS geared towards investor relations, compliance configuration, and even newswire integration. An investor relations CRM is also available to help capture more detailed user metrics and measure KPIs.  

Ouster is one example of a brand using Q4 for its IR portal. Ouster’s portal features sections for news, events, and other resources. There is even a call to action button to request a meeting with management. 


Intrado offers investor relations communications solutions to help brands connect to investors with secure, scalable technology. Intrado excels at improving investor relations communications, ensuring compliance, and strengthening digital brands. Intrado helps create an investor relations microsite that can be used to distribute press releases, create webcasts, and even host virtual events.  

The Carlyle Group leverages Intrado’s IR Portal well (see for yourself). In addition to a sidebar with links to crucial financial information and business resources, Carlyle’s IP Portal features many more resources, including an email alert signup. Carlyle is also leveraging virtual events by providing presentation information and event registration through the portal.


Cision offers an entire platform to support disclosure and shareholder communications. The platform boasts enhanced and automated compliance features that help businesses of all sizes and needs. Cision is also known for creating multiple forms of investor communications and presentations, spanning audio and video media types.  

Amyris is a great example of a brand utilizing the Cision platform well. In this case, Cision allowed the company to create an Investor Relation site section that was visually consistent with its main site and brand. There is also space for featured news items and real-time financial graphics.


How Do I Choose Between Investor Relationship Platforms?
Ultimately, the platform should accommodate your primary business objectives without and fit into your current digital technology landscape. For more insights into these platforms, reach out to the team at Third and Grove today, and we can talk IR strategy for your brand.