Mar 10, 2021 - Justin Emond

Our 5 Must-Consume Digital B2B Lead Gen Resources for 2021

We work with a variety of clients on strategies for generating more leads on their B2B websites. Like with most topics in digital marketing, effective strategies for driving more leads evolve over time.

Working with our clients gives us unprecedented perspective on trends with strategies and tactics across industries, sectors, and target audiences, and we absorb every last drop of that knowledge. But we are constantly on the lookout for insights from practitioners in the field — those that make digital B2B lead generation happen every day —because their insights are so valuable. We don’t think much of grand theories at TAG, but we will devour the advice of any practitioner in any stage of their career happily and greedily.

Here are some of our favorite B2B lead generation thinkers who are helping us in 2021:

Tom Wentworth and his “Scaleup Marketing” Podcast
We have a soft spot for renegade thinkers at TAG, and Tom Wentworth is one of our favorite off-the-wall thinkers. His podcast, “Scaleup Marketing,” is a valuable collection of interviews with B2B marketing leaders. Tom’s take and perspective on any B2B marketing topic is always worth a listen.

No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.
Latané Conant is an inspiring and badass CMO, and the only CMO that we know of that 1) has absolutely nailed the fundamental trends happening in B2B lead gen right now and 2) took the time to write a terrific book on the topic. No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.” covers a wide range of topics, but is built around the dark funnel, a fundamental trend in B2B lead generation right now. Reading the book will give you a good perspective.

David Cancel, The One Thing
Many B2B companies use the wildly successful marketing platform Drift to drive revenue. David Cancel, the company’s CEO and founder, is a fascinating thinker, which is why we love his weekly email The One Thing. It’s not always about B2B marketing directly, but it’s great learning for any practitioner.

Oh man, Clubhouse. Honestly I’m not sure if Clubhouse is the next Chatroulette (remember that?!) or the next Twitter, but right now it has captured an enormous amount of mindshare of leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, celebrity CEOs, doers, and makers. If you skip right past all the cryptocurrency and cannabis industry idolatry you will find great rooms and great people sharing ideas, perspectives, and strategies on B2B lead generation. 

David Gerhardt’s LinkedIn posts
Now the CMO at Privy, this marketing leader cut his teeth at Drift and now shares a ton about everything B2B marketing in awesome LinkedIn posts. There is constant learning in his feed.

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