Feb 1, 2016 - Justin Emond

We hired a Drupal core maintainer to contribute to core

I am thrilled to announce that, effective today, Drupal core maintainer Nathaniel Catchpole (catch) will be joining Third and Grove. His primary responsibility will be to continue improving the Drupal platform in version 8 and beyond.

Adding Nat to the team will deepen our investment in Drupal, support the growing Drupal community, and further our growing expertise in Drupal. What will Nat be working on? We trust his expertise in core maintenance, performance, and scalability and I know he will now be able to continue making Drupal great. Welcome Nat!

Saying yes to open source 

We love Drupal. We make employee time available to contribute modules and patches back to Drupal.org. We take Drupal standards very seriously. We put every line of Drupal code through a pull request. And we have a proven track record of building large, complex sites efficiently and with high quality. Acquia has twice named us Partner of the Year.

Third and Grove is one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the United States. Part of the fuel of that growth has been the platform we use most often: Drupal. We were inspired to take this step in investing in Drupal by Dries’ call to action for employing a core contributor. We are very excited to be able to pay back to the community that has given us so much.

You can read more background on this in our LinkedIn article.

I would like to thank Dries Buytaert, Holly Ross, Angie Byron, Acquia, and the Drupal Association for their outstanding support and leadership in this process.

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