Jan 29, 2016 - James Watts

Third & Grove releases a Vagrant Drupal 8 repository


Third & Grove is pleased to announce the public release of our Drupal 8 Vagrant development virtual machine and provisioner.

There are lots of technologies that we love here at TAG, but few are more useful to us as developers as Vagrant, a tool for managing and sharing virtual machines for development and testing. Vagrant has a directory of basic virtual machine images, but to really get up and running you need to install (or "provision") the machine with some useful packages (in the case of Drupal 8, you need apache, PHP, mysql, and various other tools).

This new release from Third & Grove makes the process of provisioning a Drupal 8 development environment easy! We've done all the work for you, just clone the repository and follow the simple instructions included, and you'll have your own Drupal 8 Vagrant development environment running in minutes, so you can concentrate on delivering amazing web applications instead of server administration.