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Launching a Cutting-Edge Mint.Com in 5 Weeks

Third & Grove launches on Drupal


What do customers think of cutting-edge brands that have outdated digital experiences?

Mint’s app has always led the personal finance industry in tech—you won’t find an app that delivers a more personal, intuitive experience. It was clear where they focused their resources because their site was a few years back.

"Who you say you are is always second to what your experience says about you. Those who gave the Mint app a shot were always blown away. But the site—you know, the main driver to acquire new customers—was telling a different story.”


Staying on the cutting-edge with your customers starts with empowering your team

Yes, was in need of a more modern look—especially a mobile-first experience considering they are an app-based company 🙃. But taking the shackles off their marketing team made the difference.

Even though the previous site was built on a user-friendly CMS (WordPress), it was customized to the point of being unusable by business users. The marketing team cashed in big with the migration to Drupal—campaigns and code changes now launch in days (not weeks like before) and managing content is a breeze.

Powered by Acquia for a dynamic, personalized experience

One of Mint’s main goals is to convert anonymous traffic to registered users—it’s the major hurdle in their user journey. We implemented Acquia’s personalization tool, Acquia Lift, to automatically tailor the content of the home page and several key landing pages to individual visitors. To make it easier for Mint to leverage this technology, we extended the personalization suite to allow editors maximum flexibility in customizing content all within Drupal.

When you’re talking Acquia, you have to talk about performance improvements. With optimized code (our part) and caching on premiere CDNs (Acquia’s part), we chopped the load time of from over 6 seconds to less than 2 seconds.

An enhanced experience for customers and team members in 5 weeks

By using proven tools, such as the excellent Wordpress Migrate module, we put more focus on design and SEO rather than copying over the data. Despite an aggressive timeline of five weeks, the migration went smooth (yep, even the organic rankings).

"We’ve done some really amazing things over such a short period. The site looks outstanding and is performing at an exemplary level, beyond even our highest expectations. We’re extremely pleased to offer a much better and appealing digital experience to our users.”