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CAP launches bold new website to drive enhanced member engagement and lead generation

Jul 18 '16

The Cooperative of American Physicians (CAP) has launched a bold new website with the help of Third and Grove, featuring a responsive design and enhanced user experience. With the intent of increasing the positive impact of their website on new business growth and providing current members with superior functionality and content delivery, CAP turned to TAG for its expertise in digital strategy, design, and execution. Thanks to the hard work of our creative and development teams, we were able to deliver a brand new web presence to reflect the extensive needs of our client.

CAP home page feels fresh and modern.

As a leading provider of medical professional liability protection and risk and practice management services to nearly 12,000 California physicians, CAP is always striving to engage more physicians through its ecosystem of services, as well as its superior protection. Its new website needed to convey this important message to drive continued growth, and to act as a doorway to an exclusive club that gives members access to a well-organized, vast amount of information and support vital to running a medical practice.

CAP's instant quote page is an example of a lead gen landing page

We were happy to transform CAP’s site to successfully address their lead generation requirements and to give them the ability to deliver personalized content that supports their member engagement, marketing, and sales objectives.

Congratulations to Ernie, Alan, Hana, Patrice, Spencer, Dan, Nick, Linda, Alicia, and the rest of the CAP and TAG teams!