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Pioneering Headless Commerce for Quicken

Intuit sold off Quicken and handed the soon-to-be-independent company four months to figure out a new site. An aggressive timeline by any standard but the Quicken team saw this as an opportunity to leap ahead with an upgraded site rather than take a sidestep. We were crazy happy to oblige.

“Our marketing site and commerce site were very limiting. It took us at least two weeks to get campaigns and promotions out the door. The site itself was extremely slow—we’d have five second response times on it and customers were getting stuck. And everything that we did required developer resources.”

Ecommerce is the foundation of Quicken's business but their team did not want to compromise on developing a compelling content experience. This is where we designed and built a headless site before it was cool.

Quicken is one of the highest volume online stores in the world so unpenetrable security was top of mind. A headless site meant that we could build a secure site and combine the best of both worlds between a hard-core CMS and a sturdy commerce platform.

When users come to the site, they’re in Drupal, but the magic happening behind the scenes—complicated logic about fulfilling orders across multiple states, API decisions—is all Magento. Integrating the two means that the site can handle whatever complex tasks Quicken throws at it now or down the line. And because Magento is offline, the site is built like a fortress to protect sensitive customer data.

A diagram showing how the Drupal + Magento integration works


All of the marketing content is stored in Drupal so Quicken has revision control, great media support, inline editing—all the functionality that the Marketing team was dreaming about.

“We were excited for their marketing team to test out their new capabilities on the site given that they were experiencing such difficulty beforehand. We knew the switch to Acquia Drupal was the right choice because you won't find anything better for a nimble, yet powerful content management experience.”

We beat the four month deadline and now Quicken has a totally independent, powerful site that can handle its dynamic marketing needs and a massive sales volume—quite an upgrade from taking weeks to deploy a campaign.

“This is where I get to thank Justin, his team and our internal team for all the hard work they did. Our site, during peak right now, has about 30,000 unique visitors per hour coming to the site and about 1,500 orders per hour. Our latency is less than a second for all the pages in the flow and our conversion rate—cart to completion—is up significantly from where it was previously. It’s about 70% which we’re pretty stoked about.”

Aw, shucks, Kristen. You 🤘.