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Migrating Quicken's web operations to a sophisticated new site

Quicken Transforms Commerce with Magento with the help of Third & Grove

When Intuit sold off Quicken, the personal finance software company needed to become technologically independent from the massive, $5 billion corporation. Now, they have a newly-built, autonomous site that can handle everything from automated marketing to live chat and payments at any scale.

The Challenge

Quicken sells its software to millions of customers every year, and its online shopping cart was about to be turned off. Third & Grove needed to build a complex new site that could adeptly handle Quicken’s content and marketing needs, and integrate with its migrated digital store—and we needed to build it fast.

The Approach

Untangling Quicken from Intuit was tricky, so we started by creating a tech roadmap to lay out every issue that needed to be addressed, from CMS needs to creating a better shopping cart, so that the Quicken team would understand what had to happen to build a totally independent site. From there, we created the website and CMS, transferred over the entire support portal (and the 3,000 articles it contained), built a live chat function, and developed a better shopping experience.

The Technology

Because the Quicken site needed both a hard-core CMS and a sturdy ecommerce operation that could handle a huge sales volume, we went for a hybrid approach: Drupal for the CMS, and the newly-released Magento 2 for ecommerce. When users come to the site, they’re in Drupal, but the magic happening behind the scenes—complicated logic about fulfilling orders across multiple states, API decisions—is all Magento. Integrating the two means that the site can handle whatever complex tasks Quicken needs it to—now, or down the line.

The Result

The Quicken team now has a totally independent, ultra complex site that can handle its dynamic marketing needs and a massive sales volume—and still address any questions Quicken users might have. is also the highest volume order Magento 2 site in the world.

For more information on the approach, tips, and success metrics see our CEO's talk at Magento Imagine:

Third & Grove CEO Justin Emond presents with Quicken on Drupal and Magento integration