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Third & Grove releases a Hybris Drupal integration module

Oct 19 '16

Drupal + Hybris

Today we're thrilled about releasing our new Hybris Drupal integration module to the Drupal and Hybris communities. The module connects a Drupal site to a Hybris instance. Drupal is a leading open-source web content management platform for content, community and commerce. Hybris is a leading enterprise commerce platform.

Using this module, a Drupal site can:

  • import products as standard Drupal entities,
  • spread product attributes between both systems and keep them synced,
  • allow users to check out and manage their account all in Drupal,
  • and use Hybris as an identity provider for Drupal.

The Hybris Drupal integration module allows for a headless Hybris ecom setup with Drupal on the front end, meaning that Drupal communicates to the end user and Hybris only to Drupal. In essence, Drupal is the glass. These modules were built to scale and fully support global multilingual ecommerce experiences, and are currently in production.

The product was generously sponsored by Benefit Cosmetics, and built by Third & Grove and Benefit Cosmetics. TAG is one of the leading contributors to Drupal and is available for customizations for the Hybris Drupal integration.

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