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Third & Grove presents at Magento Imagine Conference 2017

Apr 24 '17

Justin Emond at Magento Imagine 2017Update: You can watch the video of the presentation here.

Justin Emond, Third & Grove CEO, joined Kristen Dillard, Principal Product Manager at Quicken and Laura Brooks, VP of Commerce at Acquia, to present on "How Quicken Took Magento Headless with Acquia Drupal” at the 2017 Magento Imagine Conference on April 4.

Quicken, the leader in personal finance software, needed a new digital platform with a next generation content experience. Working with Magento 2, Drupal, and Acquia, they launched an engaging platform, in just four months. Justin, Kristen and Laura explored the implementation journey in the session, from determining the open source platforms to final execution.

The top benefits of choosing a headless Drupal-Magento integration are:

  • Best practices platform makes management easier
  • One platform to theme
  • Allows dual track development effort
  • Future state: Decouples front end and backend deployments
  • Magento backend could live behind the firewall
  • Fast deployments
  • Large network of extensions (Drupal + Magento) to power experiences
  • Amazing content power of Drupal + amazing commerce power of Magento into a single experience

In such a short time, Quicken is now the largest Magento 2 store, with the highest order volume globally.

The presenters also provided three tips for your own evaluation process:

  1.  Do proper discovery
  2.  Pay close attention to integration touch points
  3.  Identify major business changes in the next three years

Peter Sheldon, VP of Strategy at Magento led a guided panel discussion on how content, and the demand for customer experiences, is disrupting commerce.

Thanks to the team at Magento for their hard work putting on an awesome conference.

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