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Elevating a financial giant's digital brand

A portfolio listing page, redacted

One of the world’s largest leveraged buyout organizations—an owner of many iconic American brands with a portfolio valued in the billions—had a digital presence that was woefully out of date. It needed an update that reflected its status in the private equity world and would lead to substantial increases in engagement metrics.

The Challenge

A private equity organization is much more than the sum of its portfolio companies. It has a unique culture of excellence and discipline that reflects the caliber and operational expertise of the investment capital the partners bring to a deal. Our client's site didn't reflect the value of its brand. We needed to provide a digitally-relevant alternative that fit the needs and expectations of a large pool of interested partners. 

The Approach

To make sure that our new designs had maximum impact, we focused on customer engagement analytics data. The user behavior data showed us that visitors to the site were consistently navigating to only handful of pages, and in most cases were completely missing what were originally thought to be obvious CTAs. These insights allowed both teams to have open and productive conversations related to content strategy (focused on building out the sections users were consistently seeking) and pushed our team to rethink many of the interactions on the site to better guide users during their sessions.

Because our recommendations were built on company data, we were able to empower our client to get the internal approvals necessary to implement the new design.

The Technology

Building with the site with Drupal 8 provided a variety of benefits:

  • Thanks to strong support for SEO and a responsive design out of the box, we dramatically improved search engine rankings, and, in turn, traffic.
  • By using a unique process that was both user-centered and data-driven, we were able to steer the client towards a design that improved customer engagement.
  • Drupal 8’s awesome support for in-place editing made it easy for the marketing department to maximize engagement and prevented them from having to log into a separate editorial back end. 
  • Because Drupal is open source, we could leverage its ecosystem of free modules to add functionality and use our project budget to improve engagement, rather than building features from scratch.

The Result

We compared the performance of several key engagement metrics between the old Joomla site and the new Drupal 8 powered site, and the results were phenomenal: 

  • Total traffic up 66%
  • Unique users up 53%
  • Time on site up 44%
  • Total pages visited up 97%
  • Pages per visit up 19%
  • Bounce rate down 21%