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Let’s maintain, protect and improve your Drupal website.

Your investment in a new website doesn't end with site launch, it's really just beginning. Having a continuous impact on your business with digital requires maintaining and extending your website while always staying focused on your goals. Every month you need to find new ways to further your digital investment towards what success means for you and your organization. Our Third & Grove support team can help with your Drupal support needs.

Longterm success requires using the right tools the right way

We are digital experts and have experience with all of the major tools you need to succeed with your site.

How Support Works

Our support practice has been in place since the company started, and we provide on-going support to more than half of our clients.

Step 1: The Drupal Audit

We have never failed to find a security issue on a Drupal site we didn't build. Using our 65 point checklist we perform a deep audit of your site, looking at the Drupal configuration, database, and source code. Our checklist includes items for security, performance, SEO, and best practices. We document our findings in a report outlining the risk of each issue with a clear recommendation on how to address the issue.

Step 2: Backlog Grooming

To leverage the efficiency benefits of familiarity over time we assign a single point of contact to you, one of support project managers. At the start of the support engagement, they will review all of your development priorities and the findings of the Drupal audit and meet with you to plan what tasks to tackle first. The will also outline and schedule the release process with you.

Step 3: Your first release

With a regular meeting schedule in place (weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly) we complete the first batch of refinements and conduct your first release. With the support team in place and on-boarded and one release completed, you will see rapid progress on your backlog.

Step 4: Keep Rocking

A brisk support velocity is now maintained by your dedicated support engineers and project manager. With regular meetings, a regular release schedule, and a fixed QA process to ensure flawless releases, you are free to make real progress on your priorities with your site, knowing our team is in place to assist and extend the impact of your work with your website.

Beyond Development: Optimization Services

We further enhance the value of our support services by combining tactical refinements (new features) with regular strategic guidance to ensure that work is continuously refocused on your established digital goals, like conversions, signups, or engagement.

As an optional add-on to our feature support, our Optimization Services includes analyzing key data points, developing recommendations (UX optimization, content strategy, new features, etc), design & UX enhancements, a customized analytics dashboard, and a monthly insights report.

Support Pricing

Support is a set number of hours reserved each month at a discounted hourly rate. We allocate the number of hours to exactly what you need, and you can change it month to month. You can also cancel your support plan any time, with 30 days notice, for any reason. (We hate cell phone lock-in too.)