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Oct 31 '14

quicken running on drupal home page running on Drupal
The Intuit consumer group -- the team that manages Quicken and Mint, among other brands -- needed a new platform for The marketing team wanted easy content management, strong support for SEO, and the ability to start personalizing content. Engineering wanted a rock-solid, secure, performant platform that would make custom development easy. Leadership wanted to launch in a month. Oh, and the designs weren't yet final.

Spoiler alertDrupal was the perfect solution and we launched on time.

Intuit approached Third and Grove for help and we eagerly jumped in headfirst. We designed the technical architecture for the site and our engineering team was joined by Intuit's engineers on implementation.

One of the requirements for was that different image styles would load depending upon the capabilities of the device being used to visit the website. To accomplish this, we used the Picture module. A backport of the Drupal 8 Responsive Image module, Picture allowed us to map different image styles to certain breakpoints defined in our theme’s .info file. Once set as the display mode for an image field, Drupal output the breakpoint/picture mapping using Picturefill js. This allowed us to load appropriately sized images for the users' device, optimizing load times, and also allowed for higher resolution images on retina screens.

The new platform design is modern, responsive, and HTML5. On the back-end we built the site with PanelsViews, Features, SASS, Bootstrap, Drush bash scripts, a dash of custom glue code, and love. It was easy to make the site lightening fast with tools like Varnish and Memcached provided by the awesome Acquia Enterprise Cloud stack.

Congratulations to Mike, Anthony, Michael, Rhys, Larry, Steve, Ben, and the rest of the team on the amazing work!