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IDEABLADE: #goodidea for a Website Redesign

Mar 12 '15

ideablade imageThe sharp folks at Ideablade wanted to leverage their excellent professional development services and active social community by giving their site a facelift. Ideablade is a cutting edge technology consultancy that works with companies around the globe across industries such as  biotechnology, business services, defense, finance, aerospace, healthcare, and insurance. As the creators of DevForce, they also offer custom development and consulting services for enterprise companies. They were looking for a modern and fresh rebrand so we worked together to evolve their logo, identity and website. For the website redesign, Third & Grove helped them to achieve a great new look and replatform to Drupal 7, rebuilding the site’s store and focusing attention on Ideablade’s consulting services. We also streamlined the site architecture, making it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for with the click of a button.

The goal of this rebrand was to unify both of Ideablade's sites: and Ideablade is the creator of Breeze, an open source rich data management tool for javascript. We designed a style tile that incorporated the same look and feel across both sites, creating a cohesive style, and created a global nav so that users can toggle between Breeze and Ideablade easily. We also wanted to infuse the team's fun and down-to-earth personality into the site.

Check out the new site, visit their community, and tag your #goodideablade today.


ideablade logo study


1)  Replatform Ideablade to Drupal and Drupal Commerce 

2) Create a smoother user experience

3) Integrate the two sites, and, so the brands are more cohesive

  • Similar functionality
  • Similar design
  • Similar flow
  • Similar structure

4) Modernize the branding, identity, and positioning

  • Redesign the logo
  • Update the style tile
  • Infuse the personality of the company throughout the site

5) Create a global toggle to make transition from site to site seamless

6) Create a community

  • Users can engage with the brand
  • On the homepage, internal staff can post:
    • Ideas, Good and Bad
    • Events
    • Photos
    • Twitter Posts
    • Testimonials / Quotes


What is a style tile? "A List Apart" has great examples of style tiles and how they work. In short, this photoshop file becomes the "new skin" of a website. The colors, buttons, fonts, background, header and footer are all called out in the style tile. A front end engineer can go carry this design throughout the site.  If  you have a content- and text-heavy site, instead of designing mockups page by page, using a style tile is a time-efficient way to approach a web redesign project.

FINAL! Ideablade Breeze Stle


Breeze before


Breeze after


Ideablade before


Ideablade after


Third & Grove is a Bay Area digital agency that offers website design and concept development, creative services, content strategy, production, development, and end-to-end testing. We also partner with creative agencies and handle all things backend as well. If you are interested in freshening up your site, a new home page design, flow, logo or overall style, give us a call.