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Why I Love the Dashlane Password Manager

Jun 04 '15

dashlane password managerAs a producer at Third & Grove, I handle a lot of different projects, which means keeping track of a lot of different passwords for various environments. On top of those, I have all the passwords for project email accounts, internal tracking tools, and web conference software to keep track of. What this means is that I have a lot of passwords to remember on a daily basis. Storing these in a text file or on a wiki page would be easy to keep track of, but isn’t the safest choice for a password keeper.

It would be easy to just use the same password for all of those sites, but in the event one of them accidentally gets exposed, that means ALL of my accounts are suddenly up for grabs. That's a nightmare - I'd suddenly need to go through and change at least 20 different passwords to unique values as fast as I could.

This is where the Dashlane password manager is a lifesaver for me. Dashlane is a password storage app that manages all of my separate passwords (even if I have multiple accounts on a service, like Gmail) and makes it so that after I enter my Dashlane password in the morning, they handle the rest of my passwords throughout the day. As I log into new services, Dashlane also automatically asks if I want to save my information for these, which makes tasks like logging into test environments to review changes on a development environment a breeze.

If I’ve changed a password (or, more importantly, if I need to change a password right away), Dashlane is also quick to notice the change and pick it up automatically. If I need to change a password, Dashlane is also able to quickly generate a new password that’s secure.

With the recent rise in two-factor authentication, Dashlane’s ability to securely store notes has also been a major help. Rather than needing to remember where I wrote down the backup login codes most two-factor services provide, I can store these securely in Dashlane so that if I need to access these, they’re only a few clicks away.

On a daily basis, Dashlane saves me a bunch of time I’d otherwise lose to looking up passwords and remembering which login I set up an account on. This password manager truly helps me to be a better, more efficient producer here at Third & Grove. Try it out!