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Composable CMS: Goodbye monoliths, hello modular

Headless, composable, and MACH are more than just buzzwords. Discover how abandoning your monolithic architecture and embracing the future of CMS and commerce will help you achieve your digital marketing goals. We’re here to guide you on the journey.

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Making marketing dreams a reality

Monolithic architecture once reigned supreme. The approach worked well for a still-maturing marketing technology ecosystem that required all-in-one CMS solutions.

Fast forward to today: The marcom ecosystem has experienced years of explosive growth, offering powerful, mature, cloud-native solutions for tens of thousands of use cases faced by marketers every day. And nearly all of these tools are built around modern APIs, so they are fully compatible with composable architectures.

We partner with the best

To be successful with a modern headless digital experience you need to leverage a collection of services designed for the MACH framework. We are proud to partner with some of the leaders in this space.

The benefits of going headless

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We work with clients to build headless experiences every day. Our services include:

  • Audience research
  • User journey mapping
  • Analytics audits
  • Creative UI & UX
  • Front end implementation
  • Back end integration
  • Headless CMS configuration
  • Digital marketing

A few of our clients

We work with clients from discovery, where we plan their entire composable architecture to be tightly aligned to their business goals, customer experience needs, and editorial experience requirements, through complete implementation and rollout.

Need help going headless?

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