As Drupal contributors, we cut right to the core

Leading the way as Drupal's highest-ranked agency contributor, we're proud to be part of an open source community and platform that empowers ambitious brands to grow.

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Deeply rooted in Drupal 

Pushing Drupal forward has been a priority since day one. If you’re on Drupal today,  you’re already using code that's fresh from Third and Grove. We've contributed and reviewed hundreds of thousands (and counting) lines of code.

Sponsoring a Drupal Core maintainer has been key to help us make a sustained impact.

Giving back. Growing expertise.

When it comes to building the future of Drupal, we go big and give big. Want proof? Our Acquia Drupal Community Contributor Award and standing as the leading agency contributor (check out the latest Who Sponsors Drupal Development? report) say it all. 

Acquia Award Badge - Third and Grove wins top Drupal community contributor
If you are an end user looking for a company to work with, these are some of the companies I'd work with first. Not only do they know Drupal best, but they also help improve your investment in Drupal.

—Dries Buytaert, Drupal founder 

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TAG's Core Maintainer

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Meet Catch

Third and Grove brings unparalleled access to the core of Drupal’s internals by staffing a core maintainer. Since our early days, this leading Drupal performance expert has been an invaluable member of our team, earning us Acquia's prestigious Drupal Community Contributor Award.

Nathaniel “Catch” Catchpole has been contributing to Drupal since 2006. His main focus is on elevating Drupal Core including maintenance, performance and scalability.

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  • Drupal releases
  • Drupal core patches
  • Drupal issue reviews and commits
  • Drupal documentation 
  • Automated tests

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Get involved 

Drupal is backed by one of the world's largest (and growing) open source communities. Want to get involved? The non-profit Drupal Association offers various ways for individuals and organizations to provide their support. And there are many ways to contribute - develop modules, help with marketing and events, and more. 

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