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UX prototype ideation for startups

Third & Grove works with a variety of startups and established brands launching startup digital products to rapidly iterate from ideation to beautifully designed prototypes. Our UX team designs exclusively in the medium to get responsive design feedback early in the process, before development every starts, saving time and money. At the end of our prototyping phase, the entire experience is delivered in HTML and CSS format so you own development teams can proceed right into development (or we can help with that too!).

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How it works

Our ideation process is fully agile, truly rapid, and high quality. Here is how we do it.

Step 1: Discovery and research

Before we can think of how best to solve a problem, we need to understand it. To start the process we ask lots of questions, understand the customer pain you are trying to solve, and research, research, research. We will look at competitors, similar products, what's inspiring our team recently, and other players in a similar space.

Step 2: Strategy

Now it's time for coffee. Seriously. We have a lot of information in our heads by this point, so we go do something else to let our subconscious mind settle on the information. Inspiration is a shy thing, sometimes working best when we ignore it. After a brief pause, we revisit everything we have learned and start to formulate a strategy on how we can best approach the problem.

Step 3: Prototyping

Now we go into full tactical mode. With a clear understanding of the problem and a well-reasoned approach to solving it, we start to iterate rapidly on design concepts. This also starts a heavy period of back and forth with our clients for collaborate iteration, lots of feedback, and rapid progress.

Step 4: Delivery

When the prototypes are complete we deliver everything in HTML and CSS format, a living, breathing prototype that serves as a very clear implementation guide for your engineers. Designing in-medium means no design confusion and fewer bugs. Still, our UX team is fully available to answer questions from your engineering team as needed.

See our work!

We have helped many clients with rapid ideation prototypes, check out some of our favorites below:


A radical upgrade for UCLA Health’s innovative cancer treatment tool.

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CarIQ, Car Dealer Management System

An innovative fleet management mobile app for car dealerships.

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Helping a startup disrupt the $20 billion dollar asthma market

Helping a startup disrupt the $20 billion dollar asthma market

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Cost & Pricing

Our prototyping projects are fixed fee and vary in price depending on the complexity of the application. Our starter packages are $15,000.