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Benefit Cosmetics

Pink powder cosmetics.

A beautiful blend of content and commerce.

Benefit is a leader in the cosmetics industry but the backend of their site was due for an extreme makeover.

Benefit was satisfied with its robust Hybris store (SAP’s enterprise ecommerce solution) so the real need was to extend the content capabilities with Drupal. Some customized API calls and modules later, we had a solution.

Drupal handles the content and rendering, while Hybris takes care of the commerce and back office integration. This combo supports real-time integration, can handle significant traffic spikes without a hitch, and stores all commerce data in Drupal—which means that marketers can edit promotional material in Drupal rather than in Hybris for an easier experience.

With this combo, Benefit now has a platform that manages content easily, offers strong support for running sites in multiple languages, handles the peak traffic load of a major cosmetics brand, and allows for heavy integration with an enterprise back-end system.

iPhone showing benefit cosmetics site.

A hub and spoke model for international sites.

Complete with a translation workflow integration, our solution makes it simple for the central marketing team to run dozens of online stores in countries scattered across the make-up-hungry globe.

The new platform powers commerce and content sites in more than 40 countries. To ensure the sanity of the translations workflow, we completely rewrote the Drupal module and contributed our work back to the open source community.

Pink lipsticks lined up on yellow background.
On the surface, the site was out of touch with what Benefit represents as a company.

Friends with Benefit

The Drupal + Hybris integration put Benefit on a completely new level to engage customers all over the world. This was just the start of our relationship with Benefit to keep raising the bar on an engaging commerce + content experience.

“It’s a rare opportunity that an agency like TAG can fit in so well with our in-house team. The support, partnership, and commitment to creating a custom solution for our multilingual sites made all the difference in our successful launch… Since then, we've had an ongoing relationship where they augment our team based on our needs. They've also trained our team so that we could start to take on more responsibilities internally.”

— Steve Reichgut, Director of Engineering and Web Operations, Benefit Cosmetics

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