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King Arthur Baking Company

shaping dough by hand

Creating the Ultimate Inspiration for Bakers

You probably know King Arthur Baking Company from top baking blogs, or maybe your grandparents’ kitchen when you were growing up. Over the last century, King Arthur Baking Company has learned that happy bakers are the best customers.

shaping dough by hand

Sharing the joy of baking

King Arthur Baking Company doesn’t want to compete on grocery store shelves. King Arthur Baking Company wants to be the inspiration for why people are in the baking aisle in the first place. To build an experience that inspires bakers before they fill their carts, we can’t just focus on selling flour — we need to help people be better bakers.

The new digital experience is crafted by bakers and for bakers. Pros can easily browse, save, and print more than 2,000 recipes to impress friends and family. First-time breadmakers can rely on a clean and neat recipe page to guide them to success, even when one hand is covered in dough. When someone is really serious about improving their baking skills, there’s a guide for just about everything in the kitchen. (And if beginners are nervous, there’s always the Baker’s Hotline which has expert bakers ready to help out with any recipe).

whisk with batter on it

An all-natural contextual commerce experience

How do you expect to deliver an integrated customer experience when you don’t have one yourself? King Arthur Baking Company was using a mix of siloed technologies that made it difficult for their team to deliver on modern expectations. 

After tackling some hard questions, King Arthur Baking Company chose to embrace Drupal which would prioritize recipes (their bread and butter) and provide a reliable ecosystem of trusted partners and free modules. Powered by Acquia, the site has remarkable scalability, speed, and the freedom to innovate with a leading commerce system.

Third and Grove has risen as our go-to digital partner. They understand the brand vision and have the capabilities to get us there.

—Mike Hoefer, Director of Web, King Arthur Baking Company

The Results


Increase in Sales

Read more about how King Arthur’s Flour Sales Rise More Than 2,000% in March (with a little help from COVID-19).  

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