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Third and Grove worked with World Vision to build brand awareness, credibility, and most importantly, increase donations by 23% in under 3 months

World Vision International is on a mission to pull every child out of poverty. We’re building a global digital brand to help make that happen.

Fundraising for World Vision International is driven by the emotional connection donors feel to the cause. Without good storytelling, that connection breaks down. WVI has no shortage of stories, but in a crowded field, it's more difficult than ever to inspire someone to care. The new digital experience lets WVI's best stories shine, for the global team, as well as the 40+ countries that are doing amazing work in the places they call home.


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Focus on the impact

WVI has a ton of information to share, but it was important to subtract all unnecessary details to help visitors focus on children and their stories. The brand is stronger because the impact speaks for itself.

To improve messaging and inspire donations, the WVI team has a renewed analytics strategy for assessing which campaigns and stories inspire donations. With data driving the narrative, it is positioned to scale global impact even further.

Establishing the core of the digital ecosystem

Collecting online donations for WVI is an uphill battle — legal requirements dictate that people must navigate away from to donate. The additional steps cause friction that can decrease motivation.

To streamline the donation process, we built a top-down site and customizable templates for individual country sites. These templates allow the country sites to embody the unique characteristics of the culture they represent, while tying seamlessly to the global brand.

By upgrading to Drupal 8, WVI committed to an effective platform that is putting donor money to better use. On Drupal 7, WVI used to pay an agency to create each landing page for every campaign or event. With the new CMS, the team can create pages on their own, without the need for an external agency, and free modules enable them to work smarter, not harder.

World Vision is a complex organization, dedicated to being good stewards with our funds. Third and Grove understands this and has helped provide much-needed focus on every project we’ve worked on. They help us realize what really drives positive, digital impact.

—Jon Snyder, Global Marketing and Communications, World Vision International

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