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Sep 3, 2020 - Adam Strom

Our Favorite Shopify Plus Sites of 2020

Sunglasses on a cloud representing the article Our Favorite Shopify Plus Sites of 2020

To succeed in digital sales you don’t need to out-think or out-strategize, you need to out-execute. But you can’t execute without a modern, agile, powerful platform. As momentum has continued to grow in 2020, more and more inspiring and ambitious brands are leveraging the Shopify Plus platform as the foundation of their growth strategy this year.

To help inspire merchants everywhere, we decided to highlight our favorites from this year. Here we go!



goodr is our favorite sunglasses brand online. Filling a previously unloved niche — high quality, low-cost sunnies that work great for active use like running and hiking — this brand continues to execute exceptionally well in 2020. Do yourself a favor and grab a pair. You can thank us later.

What we love: Flamingos on a Booze Cruise, of course.



Goodr's Shopify Website Homepage
Impossible Meat's Shopify Website Homepage


Artificial meat companies Beyond Burger and Impossible are taking the U.S. grocery and restaurant market by storm. These meatless meats are showing up everywhere, from your Whole Foods to your friend’s BBQ to Burger King.

What we love: The experience does a terrific job of leading with outstanding brand tone, balancing D2C and B2B needs, and using a personal touch for business sales.



P. F. Candle Co.

This brand is putting that indescribable eclectic vibe that is so hard not to fall in love with when you move to California into... candles. The commerce experience is crisp and focused on showcasing the beautiful candles and nothing else.

What we love: Not giving a damn about paying $20 for a candle



P.F. Candle Co.'s Shopify Website Homepage
California Closet's Shopify Website Homepage

California Closets

We might be biased, but we are super impressed with raging-jealousy-inducing closet renovation company California Closets’ expansion into direct-to-consumer sales. The California Closets team recently partnered with Martha Stewart to offer an exclusive product line for home and office organization, and powered the entire commerce experience with Shopify Plus.

What we love: The laser-focused business strategy of using Shopify Plus to rapidly (in weeks, not months) launch a whole new line of business that compliments perfectly the company’s main source of revenue.




Using a combination of exceptional industrial design and modern LED technology, Nanoleaf is making ambient lighting pretty damn cool. Coming in all shapes and sizes for both consumers and businesses, the site offers a seamless commerce experience to buyers.

What we love: That the lighting is touch sensitive.



Nanoleaf's Shopify Website Homepage
Mevo's Shopify Website Homepage


Mevo is an expertly-executed product for live streaming, a beautiful package of hardware and software that makes it easy for anyone to start sharing with the world.

What we love: A great product that empowers people all over to share their stories with each other.




There is so much great UX here, like the hover effects on the navigation and collections that work but don't distract, the bold product detail pages with excellent content, and the store locator right in-line on the home page near retailer logos.

What we love: That this site proves that a path to greatness is created by executing a ton of little things really well.



Bulletproof's Shopify Website Homepage
Outdoor Voice's Shopify Website Homepage

Outdoor Voices

Look past the executive controversy at the brand, and you will find a great product at a great price that is disrupting the world of yoga pants.

What we love: A g brand that  can thrive by showing realistic female body types and model diversity.




Lake Pajamas

This Instagram-worthy pajama brand executes exceptionally well on its D2C site with a simple UX and UI.

What we love: That the brand lives up to its promise: These PJs are insanely soft.



Lake Pajama's Shopify Website Homepage