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Mar 27, 2020 - Ali Bechdol

Quarantine Tips from our TAG Teammates

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During this time, it’s easy to get caught up with the news, worrying about the news, seeing the news and, oh yeah, trying to avoid the news, but then get panicked for avoiding the news that you end up calling friends to distract but just end up talking about the news... 

It’s a vicious cycle.  

These are uncertain times, but one thing is for sure, we have created a world in which accessibility is plentiful.

Our team at TAG has a good amount of experience with the remote lifestyle, as we have been a partially remote company since inception. With that, we’ve compiled a helpful list of activities, productive opportunities and leisurely options during this time...besides doing your work, of course. 

Be Productive

  • Set up a free Trello board 

    • Track personal projects like home improvement tasks, seed planting, plant fertilizing, filing your taxes, etc.

    • Then get after those tasks!

  • Experimenting in the kitchen 

    • Try an online cooking classes perhaps, get a home brewing kit, or try out that blender that's been sitting in your cabinet for years

    • Learn how to make staples like bread (from our friends at King Arthur Flour). Not only is it fun and could end up being be a future hobby, but it is super useful in times like these where the basics are not always readily available

  • Connect with Music  

  • Utilize online courses

  • Start a blog 

    • Ideas ranging from your favorite topic, least favorite topic, reviews, or just for your own personal writing

    • Check out Wordpress to get you started!

  • Crafting

    • Take online art classes

    • Welding (MIG) and misc metalworking, not only a reasonably fun hobby but also will be a useful skill to have

    • If you can sew, look to help out the covid-19 cause by researching your local hospital for their approved face mask pattern. 

Mental & Physical Health

  • Take a hike… or a walk, naturally staying 6 ft from anyone else. With parks and beaches closing it's more difficult to find a place to escape but fresh air is recommended to break up the day.

  • Take a meditation break! Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, a small amount of mindfulness meditation can improve your mood and boost productivity. If you’ve never meditated before, you can try a guided meditation app like Headspace or Calm

  • Get your sweat on!

  • Update your workspace

    • Tidy up or rearrange your work area

    • Change your scenery. If you don’t need to be sitting at a desk, move to the kitchen table, or to the floor for a bit - explore your own space!

Communication + Socialization

  • Check your local animal shelter as many animals are looking for fosters during this time. Why not spend your time at home with a new fuzzy friend!

  • Gaming Apps

    • Words w/ Friends is making a comeback! Join in on the word fun!

    • If you are a fan of the classic card game, Euchre, try Trickster Euchre where you can invite friends and play a game together, and even turn on your video

    • If Settlers of Catan is your game, try the app Catan Universe to play with your friends

  • Get virtual

    • Try a virtual happy hour, book club, or dinner night

      • Google Hangouts is included with every Gmail account

      • Zoom is a great platform with a variety of functionality and you can sign up for free

    • Game w/friends online

      • Play Minecraft and take a “virtual hike.” You can even open up a server or use the “Minecraft Realms” service to hike with friends. Just be careful if you are in survival mode – the monsters will come out at night!

      • Jackbox Games is a online-based game network that allows players to utilize their own cellular devices to play. Check out their site to learn how to stream their games to your friends!

    • Facebook live stream

      • You can livestream on your facebook page to everyone, or to just a select number of friends!

    • Explore

Bonus! List of Books, Games, Media + Other Ideas

While it's easy to get down in these uncertain times, we hope that the above list gets you motivated to take care of yourself from the safety of your own home and having fun doing it. Drop us a note with some of your favorite digital at-home quarantine remedies!

Stay safe and be healthy.