Jan 24, 2022 - Justin Emond

Shopify’s The Future of Commerce in 2022 Report

Shopify recently released a fascinating report on The Future of Commerce in 2022, covering Ecommerce, Retail, and Shipping & Logistics.

Here are our biggest takeaways for ecommerce:

  • Rising acquisition costs are making retention strategies top priority
  • The transition away from third-party cookies is causing brands to reevaluate personalization strategies
  • The social platform landscape is being disrupted by Tik Tok and creating new opportunities

That is the high-level summary, but we think three numbers in the report contain the most important lessons for brands. These are:

The number of marketers expected to abandon personalization efforts by 2025.
TAG takeaway: The years-long unfilled promise of personalization is coming home to roost.

The share of consumers expected to look at a product online and buy in-store in 2022.
TAG takeaway: Retail is the new ecommerce.

The estimated drop in the advertising reach of Instagram in Europe is due to privacy laws.
TAG takeaway: When it comes to privacy laws, they start in Europe and head to the US.

Download Shopify’s complete report and explore their findings on their killer microsite. It’s a must-read for any brand with an ecommerce channel.

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