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One Company, Many, Many Slack Channels

We're a collective of engineers, developers, producers, and designers. We have offices in San Francisco and Boston, and teammates scattered in between. And though we’re a distributed company, we’re a united team, dedicated to solving our clients’ hardest problems, and to making each other laugh over Slack.

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Claire Annan
Front End Developer
Claire is a front-end developer based in Atlanta, GA. She first started building and theming sites in Drupal 5 when she worked for Sony Music in her hometown New York City. After moving to the Peach State, she worked for several digital agencies as an independent contractor. Now she enjoys bringing code to life with the Third & Grove team. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering in the Brazilian community, traveling, and browsing through Pinterest boards.
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Brandon Barnes
Software Engineer
As a software engineer, Brandon loves creating web applications that are as beautiful as they are functional. A jack-of-all-trades, he’s worked in multiple roles, managing front-end, back-end, database, user interface, and design. In the past, he has done work for national brands including Mello Yello, Camel, Buffalo Wild Wings, Clear Channel, and Gulfstream. In his spare time, Brandon paints tiny little miniature armies for use in tabletop wargaming.
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Ali Bechdol
Digital Strategist
A data-hungry immersive analyst, Ali has a strong background in digital strategy, implementation and training clients ranging from basic Google Analytics to fully automated marketing flows and reports for companies like Harley-Davidson and Sub-Zero & Wolf. In her free time, she plays music and snuggles with her Bernese Mountain Dog.
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Nathaniel Catchpole
Drupal Core Contributor
A Drupal user since version 4.5, Nathaniel has been a regular contributor to Drupal core since 2006. He contributed more than 400 patches to the Drupal 7 release, as well as extensive code profiling. In September 2011, he became branch maintainer for Drupal 8 and has continued as a framework and release manager since the release of 8.0.0 last year. Nathaniel is also a co-author of the O'Reilly book High Performance Drupal.


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Andrew Chernauskas
Front End Developer
Specializing in Drupal front-end development, Andrew combines his software engineering degree with a passion for designing beautiful and useful user interfaces. He cofounded the first coworking space in his hometown of Erie, PA, where he also enjoys kayaking and bicycling at Presque Isle State Park.


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Matt Davis
Director of Engineering
A technical architect on the highest trafficked Drupal site in the world, Matt's skills are complemented by knowledge of a broad range of other established and emerging technologies. An expert in decoupled Drupal, he speaks at conferences around the world and co-founded Decoupled Drupal Days.


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Shannon Durkin
Senior Digital Project Manager
With a background in project and account management, Shannon leads the charge to help you dream up and create your digital experiences. She can tackle any challenge with a stack of sticky notes. Outside of work, she sees a lot of movies, loves getting outdoors, and getting that next stamp on her passport.
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Justin Emond
CEO & Founder
Justin is the CEO and co-founder of Third & Grove. Justin has worked on both sides of the technology world—on the inside of companies and as a consultant. Prior to Third & Grove, Justin served as Senior Digital Project Manager at a boutique agency in Los Angeles, and adjunct faculty at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. He is the author of Pro Web Project Management (Apress), a pragmatic guide to managing digital projects.


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John Entwistle
John is a software engineer who brings more than a decade of professional web experience to Third and Grove. He has been building software since he was a kid, and he has a passion for creating elegant, functional solutions. When he’s not writing code, John can be found rock climbing, bicycling, or hiking with his dog Lucy.
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Tom Franicevich
Digital Strategist
Tom is a Digital Strategist with extensive experience in SEM. He has experience in SEM consulting for a vast amount of companies, ranging from P&G brands to a radioactive isotope supplier. When he isn’t busy studying changes made to Google’s ranking algorithm, Tom is finding more beaches to explore.
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Josh Fremer
Software Engineer
Josh learned Turbo Pascal from his dad when he was 12, and his first job was writing control programs for astronomical equipment at age 15.  His 20 years in tech include such diverse positions as systems administrator, web programmer, network operator, and cable installer. He is a co-founder of Dog Story Theater in Grand Rapids, MI, and he loves cats.
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Marissa Gallus
With a background in print and traditional marketing projects, Marissa has led numerous website redesigns, enhancements and mobile app development projects over the last five years as a digital project manager. She is a stickler for details from the logistics of a project to the documentation and execution of functionality. In her spare time, she enjoys discovering new podcasts, traveling, boating and indulging in a classic Wisconsin fish fry every now and then.
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Grant Glidewell
JavaScript Developer
Grant is a JavaScript Engineer located in San Diego, CA. He specializes in the latest web technologies such as React, GraphQL, and Gatsby. In addition to building blazing fast client sites in Gatsby, Grant enjoys writing educational material about the tech he uses daily.


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Ed Hornig
Software Engineer
Ed is a full-stack web developer specializing in Drupal and Wordpress. Before Third and Grove, he worked as a web developer at Brafton Inc, a content marketing company. Outside of work, Ed enjoys watching European soccer and Netflix, reading comic books and working out.
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Soren Iverson
Art Director
Soren is an Art Director with 7+ years experience with brands such as AT&T, eBay, Verizon, Vizio & more. He specializes in a hybrid of digital product & ecommerce, bent on designing a better digital future. When not directing the art, you'll find Soren touring with a band you've never heard of.
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Wes Jones
Software Engineer
Wes is a Rochester, NY native who has traveled and lived in Asia and South America. He has been building sites in Drupal 6, 7, 8, and Wordpress for nearly a decade. He first got started with software engineering for museums and non-profits. After working for various agencies and as a freelancer, Wes makes Third and Grove his home. A YouTube and seltzer junkie, Wes enjoys video games, space exploration, traveling, and learning languages.
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Ross Keatinge
Software Engineer
Ross is a Drupal and Magento developer from New Hampshire. He has been messing around with electronics and computers since before the internet existed. Ross moved from his native New Zealand to the US around the turn of the century. His current pastimes include cycling, amateur radio, and breeding Siberian cats.
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Marie Kiryanova
Software Engineer
Marie first learned to program in middle school, when she hid a computer under a bed, programmed an online game in VB6, and customized an SMF forum for a long-gone community. Since then, Marie has led AP-level Java courses, run Drupal from version 6, and is now Acquia certified to tackle the craziest Drupal builds.


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Spencer Leopold
Spencer is an architect based outside of Philadelphia. Before Third & Grove, he worked for Eastern Standard, a digital agency. He tries his best to blur the line between back-end and front-end engineer, and when he's not working with Drupal, he's knee-deep in Node.js. If he's not in front of his laptop, you'll find him hanging out with his daughter or playing the guitar.
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Cory Lynch
Shopify Developer
Cory specializes in Shopify Development, being particularly strong in SCSS, jQuery and Liquid templating. Previously, he served as a developer for FIGS and has worked with other clients including Sam’s Club Travel and Duke University. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling and driving on canyon roads.
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Justin Mann
Digital Project Manager
Justin is a versatile digital producer with a range of product, marketing, and strategy experience. He moved from Australia to Silicon Valley after his startup received funding from Y-Combinator. He's since worked with a range of innovative startups and Fortune 500s. Justin holds a certificate in Mastering Digital Project Management, certified in Shopify Product and Business Fundamentals and plays Australian Rules Football.
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Jen May
Associate Director of Delivery
Jen is an established delivery manager with 10+ years of experience. Her industry knowledge spans across education, B2B, healthcare, and travel. She is a results-driven strategic & intelligence based program management professional with a record of on-time and on-budget deliveries. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking/baking, and spending time with her family.
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Megan McAuley
Operations Manager
Megan attended Boston’s Suffolk University, where she graduated with a degree in Public Relations. There, her love for a part-time admin work study job blossomed into 10+ years of professional operations management experience in the city of Boston. On her days off, you’ll find her binge watching Friends.
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Curtis Ogle
Software Engineer
Curtis received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Hanover College. During his time in college, he interned with Vehicle Service Group (a subsidiary of the Dover Corporation) building websites for its eight brands. He served as a Java developer at Tata Consultancy Service. He enjoys hiking, baking, coffee, and coke products, and can always be found hanging out with his wife and dog.
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Courtney Pentek
Courtney has been a project manager for the past six years and has been instrumental in leading the redesign of one of the largest hospital networks in the country and one of the oldest medical schools in California. She strives to create meaningful and everlasting relationships with her clients. In her spare time, you can find her hiking with her husky, Riley, searching for new places to travel to and spending time with family and friends.
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Andrew Predmore
Senior Backend Developer
Andrew built his first computer, a Sinclair ZX81, in 1982 and he started programming in C on an Amiga around 1986.  Since 1999, he has worked as a technology instructor, software developer, and project manager. In his spare time, he enjoys growing spices and cooking with them.
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Ashley Remington
Digital Project Manager
With a background in communication, client services, and project management, Ashley has partnered with clients across a diverse range of industries to execute complex digital projects and campaigns. She is a firm believer that emojis, gifs, memes, and celebratory snacks are vital supporting materials to make projects successful and enjoyable. In her spare time, you’ll find Ashley drinking lots of coffee and putting together a detailed 'project plan' for her international travel bucket list.
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Anthony Severo
Chief Strategy Officer and Founder
Tony is Chief Strategy Officer and a co-founder. Tony has led projects for major retailers including The Gap, Macy’s, Williams Sonoma, and Sephora, and has also worked for startups like Demandforce, VintnersAlliance, and Rocketlawyer. He is an expert in assessing business technology performance, and his work has been published in Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day. Should you find yourself in Oakland, he’s always down for a game of pickup basketball.
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Jennifer Shand
Digital Project Manager
Prior to joining Third & Grove Jen spent nine years working for health and disease-focused nonprofits, where she developed a passion for organized processes and pushing boundaries on a tight budget. She is a Certified ScrumMaster who loves dark chocolate, thunderstorms, exploring Chicago, and watching terrible reality TV.
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Sarah Shoemaker
Associate Digital Project Manager
Sarah is an adventurous problem solver who’s curiosity has led her from California to Malaysia and back again. She joined Third & Grove to relentlessly push forward innovative digital projects and create the next beautiful place on the Internet.
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Patric Skigen
WordPress Developer
A web developer with a passion for problem solving and finding creative solutions. Patric’s expertise lies in developing WordPress websites, but he has experience with a variety of content management systems and ecommerce platforms - and is always seeking to grow and expand his skill set. Outside of work, Patric loves to take nature photographs, read, cook, and play games of all kinds.
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Jen Slemp
Strategy Director
While studying psychology in school, Jen became infatuated with the principles of consumer behavior. This passion led her to pursue a career in marketing and business strategy, helping clients understand the who, what and why of their business.
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Adam Strom
Creative Director
Adam is a creative director with over 20 years experience creating award-winning campaigns for boundary-busting brands. He joined the sweet life at Third & Grove after tours of duty in the world’s largest and most bureaucratic agencies (life’s better here). When not haranguing designers and clients to top their best work, Adam can be found in the mountains outside Seattle with his dog, Hayduke.
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Christine Summers
Senior Digital Project Manager
With 15+ years experience in project and account management, Christine has deep experience in marketing efforts for major brands such as Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Chef Software, Illumio, CeraVe, and Armor All Products. She has led numerous website redesigns and is a stickler for organization and details. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, improving her photography skills, and tracing her family tree.
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Shane Thomas
Back End Developer
Shane has been developing Drupal websites since 2009. He has helped develop websites for professional sports teams, national insurance companies, and major media brands. In the past, Shane co-founded and helped build multiple startups trying to improve STEM education for K-12 students.


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Linda Topp
QA Engineer
A tenacious advocate for quality processes, Linda has a strong background in risk analysis and coverage strategies. She has led diverse testing teams across industries, platforms, and technologies. Outside of work she writes, travels, and spends way too much time with family.
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James Watts
James is a software architect and engineer, specializing in PHP web application design and development. James has been developing software professionally for 15 years for a wide range of international clients and industries in agency, SaaS, and E-Commerce markets. When not at the keyboard, he enjoys outdoor sports, cheering for the Colorado Avalanche, video games, and other nerdy pursuits.


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Sarah Yoder
Junior Software Engineer
Sarah fell in love with the creative problem-solving she found in programming, leading to her passion for beautiful working code and making coming to work every day a new adventure. When away from her computer, she strives to beat her 5K PR, practices her guitar and reads voraciously.


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