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Cracking the talent code with paid media

From designing human organ systems and bioprocessing technologies to accelerating pharmaceutical discovery and development, Draper’s breakthroughs in medical devices, disease diagnostics, biothreat detection and more have set a new standard in innovation for 90 years.

When it comes to hiring, Draper understands the critical importance of sourcing top-tier talent to drive innovation and deliver cutting-edge solutions they are so well known for. As a company engaged in sensitive and groundbreaking work, Draper required a strategic approach to recruiting, specifically tailored to identify and attract individuals with the unique skill sets and expertise necessary to excel in their specialized projects. 

Recognizing the significance of finding the right talent, Draper sought the assistance of Third and Grove’s B2B-specialist marketing team to navigate the complex landscape of talent acquisition and secure the caliber of hires that would propel their organization forward. They needed staff with the unique ability to overcome the mission- or life-critical challenges their customers face. Technical staff who envision new technologies can propose internally funded research and development projects — and lead approved projects. Draper work is meaningful and challenging.

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Leading with customized journeys

Developing highly customized candidate journeys allowed TAG to tap into a specialized talent pool, eliminating the outdated tedium of sifting through unqualified candidates. With meticulous research to understand where unique candidates perform career intent activities, TAG discovered the most valuable touch points for these candidates, and developed an integrated targeting and messaging strategy to streamline touchpoints into meaningful story threads.

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The power of precision

Leveraging the professional targeting capabilities of LinkedIn that included detailed skill and competitor targeting, and paired with tailored copy to specific skill sets, the outcomes were remarkable. Overall applications from LinkedIn surged by an astounding 104.9% compared to the previous year. LinkedIn Ads emerged as the top application source for Draper, driving a staggering 11,117 applications, accounting for 31.7% of all applications.

The success of LinkedIn Ads was further validated by its role in driving the highest number of actual hires, a testament to the exceptional quality of prospects reached. This exemplifies the remarkable synergy between data-driven strategies and exceptional results.


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Engineering excellence

Our collaboration with Draper Laboratories serves as a compelling testament to the power of pairing prospect journeys with valuable messaging and data-informed audience targeting to secure highly qualified candidates in a niche space, ensuring the right talent is matched with the right opportunity. 

With a proven track record of success in creating highly effective recruitment funnels we  are well-positioned to replicate our achievements, strategically and effectively targeting and securing highly qualified candidates setting a new standard for talent acquisition.