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Drupal B2B Case Study 1

Creating a B2B lead generation machine

CloudHealth Tech is VMware’s premier product for businesses to manage and cost-optimize their entire cloud ecosystems, no matter how complex or bespoke.

When we started working with the team we noted that the CloudHealth blog was an untapped resource of value. The blog was both a step in common buyer journeys and an originating source of leads. This made sense, as the blog was full of hundreds of terrific content pages that were highly relevant to their enterprise prospects. But a lack of discoverability meant that the blog was not positively impacting the lead generation as much as it was capable of doing.

We worked with the team to completely reimagine the blog and turn it into a B2B lead generation machine.

The results were spectacular:


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Users


Increase in Emails Captured

Our B2B lead generation optimization process starts with a deep analytics audit, a comprehensive competitor review, a content audit, identifying KPIs for success, and a complete mapping of personas. Following this discovery we prepare a strategic plan with an actionable plan to boost lead generation and hit the organization’s KPI, through a mix of user interface, user experience, and information architecture refinements.

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