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Design that captures the micro-moment

We’re a web design agency that proves digital brilliance is born at the crossroads of creativity and technology. Your moment is now, and we're here to help you shine.

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Defy mediocrity

No goal smashing website can skate by on good looks alone. Packing a punch on performance is just as important. 

That's where Third and Grove’s design practice comes in. Our vision? Leave the web better than we found it. We help the world’s biggest brands shine with data-led creative. And we spare no detail to defy mediocrity. 

Meet the moment when split-second decision points occur with data and analytics to map every digital step of the way. Make a fresh start or start small. We’ll deliver a robust design system to elevate your reputation. Or make the magic happen with strategic design tweaks through a website support partnership. 

Either way, you’ll get real results. 

Our Work


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UKG website on multiple devices
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I can’t imagine a website that better embodies everything our UKG brand stands for.

—Jody Kaminsky, Chief Marketing Officer, UKG

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Design that endures in your moment(s) of truth. Catch your users at the moment of decision, build content connections, and turn skeptics into superfans.

  • UI/UX Experience Design
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Design Concepting
  • Content Production
  • Prototyping/Wireframing
  • Digital Brand Identity
  • Copy & Creative Strategy
  • Design Production
  • ADA & WCAG Compliance
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Tech meets creative

We're a team of technologists and design pros who can handle Drupal, WordPress, and Shopify Plus like nobody's business. And if you need a headless design system, we've got your back.

  • Drupal website design
  • Shopify website design
  • WordPress website design 
  • Headless design systems  
[The site redesign was] a moment of amazing transformation — one we could not have achieved without your partnership, flexibility, and creativity.

—Justin Anderson, Vice President for Communications, Dartmouth

Been there, won that

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