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Pernod Ricard

With wine at your doorstep, staying in is the new going out

Pernod Ricard knows that directly embracing consumers is the deciding factor for which company will lead the adult beverage market. The new Drinks & Co meets customers where they’re at — the brand’s D2C wine and champagne play engages millennials on their native turf and inspires sommeliers with all the juicy details.

Buying any kind of alcohol online has some barriers, but it shouldn’t feel that way to customers. The discovery process highlighted a common thread that we could rally behind — the need for a shopping experience that helps customers find new wines and quickly place orders without any hassle.

A better Contextual Commerce experience that’s faster to market

Pernod Ricard wanted to launch this new wine brand as soon as possible (read:yesterday). To save about a third of the development budget during the initial launch, we built the site using Drupal (content) and Shopify Plus (commerce). The result is a best-of-breed solution — a scalable commerce platform with the content editing fluidity of Drupal.

A contextual commerce experience is best when you think through the entire customer journey — the marketing team can create a variety of educational and promotional content which has been naturally designed to convert visitors to customers.

Cheers to an unprecedented integration

The beauty of the Shopify platform is a large ecosystem of apps that can slash project costs and significantly speed up time to market. The leading wine shipping tool (ShipCompliant) was an absolute requirement but there was no existing integration because it was believed to be too difficult to build.

We ignored the warning signs and engineered a solution that overcame the biggest hurdle of the project. Drinks & Co is now positioned to engage their audience across the entire customer journey without technical limitations.

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