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Benefit Cosmetics Takes Customers Beyond Browsing Brows & Buying

Jun 09 '16

Inspirational shopping by Benefit Cosmetics

I am elated about the recent work we did for Benefit Cosmetics. They are a major consumer brand with a fun, irreverent style that bodes extremely well with their customers. Here’s a prime example of a company that lives and breathes unconventional “browse and buy” shopping. They refer to it as “dilemma shopping.”  I call it “inspirational shopping.”

I’ve been evangelizing this concept for so long: shopping begins with a thought process, an idea of wanting to do or own something.  Instead of leading with products, there’s a shift towards providing customers with a rich, meaningful content-driven experience that speaks to these thoughts and ideas, and encourages interaction.

The Benefit brows site that we built does exactly this: empowers customers with a rich, unique contextual shopping experience that drives customers to interact with the content and shop for the perfect eyebrow product. You can find your specific brow dilemma, discover the perfect brow for you, and find just the right products in a fun and engaging way to transform your brows accordingly. While you’re shopping, you can also see video tutorials that will help you maintain your new, perfect brows. This method SELLS.

What Benefit did with their brows site can be applied to so many other players in the ecommerce space. We’ve worked with some of the leading retailers in the world to deliver inspirational shopping experiences for their customers, and these experiences have helped boost traffic, sales, and conversion.