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Benefit Cosmetics Integrates Drupal + Hybris for a Beautiful Ecommerce Experience

Benefit Cosmetics screenshot

The rebuilt Benefit Cosmetics site is flush with features and sophistication, yet still an effortless experience for its customers—much like the beauty products created by the fashionable, San Francisco-based brand.

"It’s a rare opportunity that an agency like TAG can fit in so well with our in-house team. The support, partnership, and commitment to creating a custom solution for our multi-lingual sites made all the difference in our successful launch." 


Project Highlights

Seamless CMS + eCommerce Integration

The marketing team outgrew the previous CMS. Now with Drupal, the marketing team is happy and there is still a seamless integration with Hybris.

Customized Translations Workflow

We leveraged the Drupal module but it wasn’t quite up to snuff. So we modified it to our standards and contributed our improvements to the community.

Global Content Deployment

We built a global platform, a Drupal profile to run 40+ international sites and the US site, with the US site sitting at the center of a hub and spoke model of content creation, curation, translation, and market distribution.

The Challenge

Benefit Cosmetics is known for their irreverent voice, radiant personality, and unique, dilemma-based shopping experience, but the backend of their site was due for an extreme makeover.

Benefit’s existing site was difficult to use for the marketing team and also was not prepared for their international expansion.

Our challenge: Can we improve the backend so that their marketing team is more effective while also creating a better experience for their customers to drive sales, both domestically and abroad?


Our Approach

The Benefit team already had a robust online store managed with Hybris, SAP’s enterprise ecommerce solution, but as the marketing department’s needs became more sophisticated, the existing CMS was no longer up to the task.

Integrating Drupal and Hybris

Benefit wanted a platform that would enable their marketing team to manage content easily, offer strong support for running sites in multiple languages, handle the peak traffic load of a major cosmetics brand, and allow for heavy integration with an enterprise back-end system.

With those needs in mind, it was clear that Drupal was the right solution. Drupal handles the content and rendering, while Hybris takes care of the ecommerce and back office integration.

We leveraged Hybris’ built-in APIs (and very minor customization) with a collection of generic Drupal modules to seamlessly connect Drupal to Hybris. The integration is secure and powerful:

  1. Supports real-time integration, event-driven updates, and background synchronization.

  2. Designed for high-traffic and works with caching layers like Akamai and Varnish.

  3. Stores all commerce data as standard Drupal nodes, content, and entities.

Diagram of Headless setup of Drupal + Hybris integration


In the image below, you can see the Drupal + Hybris headless integration in action. The real advantage is that marketers can edit promotional material in Drupal rather than in Hybris for an easier experience.

Screenshot of a Benefit account page showing the purchase history which is housed in Hybris

Drupal makes an API call to Hybris to generate the order history. Since there are no orders associated with this account, the page surfaces a message about the order history which is stored in Drupal.

Building a Hub and Spoke Model for International Sites

Complete with a translation workflow integration, our solution made it simple for the company to run dozens of online stores in countries scattered across the make-up-hungry globe. Allows organization’s marketing to be overseen by a central team.

The new platform powers commerce and content sites in more than 40 countries. To ensure the sanity of the translations workflow, we completely rewrote the Drupal module and contributed our work back to the open source community.

Example of Benefit content in French to showcase translation workflow

Benefit can now create amazing digital experiences in English and they can be automatically translated to the 40+ languages that Benefit uses across their global presence.

The Transformation

The new site launched in January 2016, a beautiful blend of content and ecommerce.

“The new Benefit platform was a much-needed improvement for the merchandise team. Fast, flexible, powerful, and international. Today the entire international organization has a platform they can use to better engage with their customers all over the world.”


And that wraps it up for this particular Benefit project. On to the next Extreme Makeover: Website Edition.