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Face forward: launching a skincare collection to the top

Benefit Cosmetics is the San Francisco-based makeup brand that believes laughter is the best cosmetic. Benefit is one of the fastest growing prestige beauty brands in the business with locations in 51 countries across 5 continents. 

Benefit identified a target growth opportunity in 2023: Become the number one pore brand in every market. Building awareness and credibility, alongside an explosive launch across the digital landscape, were primary objectives to achieve becoming the top pore brand this year. That’s where TAG came in. 

Benefit partnered with Third and Grove to build a new Pore Care Hub to quickly reach and engage pore-curious audiences actively searching for information around their pore care concerns.

Digital market share growth

Audience insights + intent to inform strategic content silos 

To capture the attention of pore-curious, non-Benefit customers, our approach was two-fold. First, uncover valuable audience pain points and search intent. Second, build strategic content silos around them. 

Audience research uncovered pore-curious researchers crave to understand why pore conditions exist and how to alleviate them. In order to rank in high-click positions for pore-curious search intent, we built educational content silos around common pore condition topics – including “clogged pores” and “large pores”– with low to medium search competition. 

3 web pages from Benefit Pore Hub showing educational content silos

By also including pore myth search terms such as "how to shrink pores," Benefit is able to capture both valuable search market share and the attention of searchers who hold these commonly misunderstood beliefs.

Acquiring strategic search authority

Meeting the pore-curious where they are

We learned from our audience research that the pore-curious prefer to access personable expert insights and user-generated video content with before and after results. We designed the Pore Care Hub with this in mind. With extensive and interactive how-to articles by real pore care experts, user generated content, and rich media to build trust and engagement. 

Our mobile-first design approach includes a quick and easy way to engage visitors with an educational pore quiz, speedy loading of design elements, and schema markup to enhance engagement in the SERPs, before users get to the site. 

Benefit website redesign on mobile screens

Winning skincare market share

Launching the Pore Care Hub positions Benefit as the leading expert in pore care, capturing the attention of pore-curious audiences, while owning and growing valuable digital market share.

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