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Taking digital by the horns — in 4 months

Intuit sold off Quicken and gave the fledgling company four months to build a new digital ecosystem or be cut off without one. After a brief “oh $*!&” moment, the Quicken team steeled their resolve and took this as an opportunity to take control of their financial future.

When you have one of the highest volume online stores in the world, the natural move would be to change up as little as possible for a fast migration. But Quicken had bigger plans. The marketing team had been neglected for a number of years with an outdated system that led to daily frustration and took weeks to deploy a campaign. It was time for change.

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Our conversion rate is about 70%, which we're pretty stoked about.

—Kristen Dillard, Principal Product Manager, Quicken

Within the four-month deadline, we helped envision and pioneer a platform that breathed new life into Quicken’s business. The headless combination of Drupal and Magento doesn’t compromise between a hard-core CMS and a sturdy commerce platform—it’s a best-of-both-worlds approach that offers impenetrable security, endless scalability, and a zippy experience for customers.

Most importantly for digital success, the marketing team finally feels empowered by a nimble, agile platform that caters to their initiatives. Campaigns take days, not weeks to deploy and the team has the best editing tools possible to streamline their robust content processes. Combined with a fast, secure site, the results have shown the hard work has paid off in spades.

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