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Award-winning Acquia Drupal Developers

We launched Third & Grove in 2014—the same year we were honored as Most Valuable Partner from Acquia. Their hearts skipped a beat when they saw our work on some of the automation workflows that we built on top of their Cloud APIs. We've been working closely together ever since.

Our Developers Have a Mutual Respect with the Acquia Team

We've partnered with Acquia to deliver amazing content experiences for our clients through the Acquia platform. It's become so commonplace for us to work together that it feels like we are on the same team now. This works for us cause we like working with the best.

Most people recognize us for pioneering engineering marvels and big-name projects like Mint and Quicken. But our clients know there is more to the story than our engineering crew.

We have a full team of thinkers and doers who work together to attack problems from multiple angles. While the rest of our team is creating your ideal solution, our producers ensure you are kept in the loop the entire time with full visibility and consistent communication with our team.

Ah, a New Acquia Drupal Project 🎵👂

If you’re considering Acquia, we know you are serious about investing into a true digital experience. We love when our clients experience Acquia because they feel what it’s like to have a website that better connects with their audience and is easier for the team to deliver more engaging experiences.

We have a trusted relationship with the Acquia team, forged through many projects, client calls, conversations and even dinners together. We know Acquia better than most and we’ve worked with them again and again to get the most value of our client’s Acquia investments.

We’ve Worked on Some of the Biggest Acquia Projects

Our favorite projects are the ones where clients come to us with a complex problem and in need of help figuring out and building the right solution. We work with the Acquia team on some of their biggest clients—and lucky for us, usually an equally big challenge to solve.

For Quicken, they needed a custom content and shopping experience and next level security. So we led one of the first integrations between Drupal and Magento that kept sensitive info stored in Magento completely offline.

For Mint, they needed to migrate to Acquia Drupal from Wordpress with a responsive layout fast. We did a double-take at the timeline, cracked our knuckles and went to work. Five weeks later, was fully harnessing the Acquia platform and enjoying the new options in Drupal that Wordpress couldn’t provide at their size.

Quicken Icon

Our custom, enterprise-level ecommerce solution for the leader in personal finance software.

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Spending pie chart

We built a responsive platform to support Mint, one of the most visited sites on the web.

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We Know How to Turn Acquia Hosting to 11

We’re willing to bet that you pay for tools or services that you completely underutilize, right? You pay the full price for the one or two features that you need but never maximize your value.

Our team fully understands and consistently works on projects to leverage the full potential of Acquia’s performance tools.

When projects needed additional customization to fit the client situation, we’ve even built our own developer tools on top of their tools to extend the full breadth of the Acquia platform.

We <3 Acquia, but You Come First

We are your advocates when we manage your Acquia hosting. Part of that advocacy is taking ownership and when something is our fault, we fix it.

When it’s on Acquia, we push them to get it done. That’s the value of our relationship with Acquia—a lot less pointing fingers and a lot more collaborative effort to get your project in a better place.

What Does Acquia Think?

We’re not afraid to say where our friends need improvement (just check out what we had to say about Drupal Commerce) and we expect the same out of them. Acquia continues to deliver excellent support for our clients and so we keep on building immersive content experiences with their hosting platform.

We give two 👍 up to Acquia and we’re grateful that the feeling is mutual.

"Through their significant contributions to the Drupal ecosystem and to helping clients like engage in new ways with their audience, Third & Grove have proven themselves to be an invaluable partner as the Acquia community continues to grow."

Joe Wykes • SVP Global Channels & eCommerce • Acquia


We encourage you to go talk with anyone at Acquia if you need to learn more about us. We’re confident that you’ll like what you hear.