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Certified Shopify Plus Design and Development Agency

As soon as we saw the power and flexibility of Shopify Plus, we knew it was the future of ecommerce. Now we’re helping our clients take advantage of a platform that consistently puts more time and money, that would have gone into costly development, into improving the conversion funnel.

Our team, headquartered in Boston, has a knack for being introduced to extremely complex problems and working with our clients to solve them strategically, on-time and on-budget. Now we’re trailblazing a path to be the favorite partner for any Shopify Plus project where you need quality engineering and a team that gets the job done.

Our Shopify Plus Capabilities

We’ve touched almost every industry out there and a variety of problems in each one. Chances are that we’ve come across a similar problem that you’re about to face.

Seamless Migration

We know the ins and outs of almost every almost every commerce platform out there (i.e. WooCommerce and Magento) and consistently work on complicated migrations. Bring us your tangled mess of an ERP and CRM like Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, AS/400, or something custom and we’ll hand you a clean Shopify Plus store.

We've noticed that usually when there is a migration to Shopify Plus, you have a problem that is costing you money daily and you need to solve it quickly. We take care not to rush the process but we are also extremely efficient due to our highly skilled engineering crew.

Purposeful Redesign

Your brand is everything to the long-term sustainability of your business. We know that when we work on our client’s digital experiences, we are really working on a main perception of their brand.

When we put our work in this context, we can never justify taking a quick pass through some data or scanning through personas you built two years ago. We take our time to sift through what you are looking for and what your audience needs. When we’re done with our strategy work, we know the purpose of what your customers are looking for and we use that output of strategy as the main input of design.

App Development

Sometimes an app from the marketplace will get you 100% to what you want. Other times you need a custom app that fits your specific use case. We have built many custom apps for the Shopify Plus environment that required tricky workarounds to make them fit just right.

Our most recent custom app was for a global spirits company that needed to integrate with ShipCompliant, the leading software on ensuring regulatory compliance in the winery industry. We couldn’t find an app that met their exact need so we built one ourselves, simple as that. Now they have a seamless integration with their powerful Shopify Plus store and are in a much better place compared to where they were before they migrated.

Reliable Support

You’re moving to Shopify Plus for a reason—it’s a lighter burden so your team can focus on growing the business. Even with the lighter load, any amount of development takes time from doing what you are good at.

We can strengthen your team to swiftly roll out new features, landing pages, integrations, third-party tools—you name it and most likely we can handle it. This is also a chance for you to leverage our team’s collective knowledge by gaining insight into what we’ve seen work with our other clients for similar situations and campaigns.

Boston Herald Store Shopify Case Study

We migrated the failing platform powering the Boston Herald Store to Shopify in record time.

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Cup of coffee

We leveraged Shopify Plus for a complex retail and warehouse coffee business.

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What You Can Expect From Us on Any Shopify Plus Project

We treat each project as an opportunity to combine our experience on previous builds with your new situation and problems. Here’s what we bring to the table for every engagement:

Alignment with Shopify Plus Launch team

We know Shopify Plus does a great job with launches because we see it every day as we work with them. That and our clients won’t shut up about great they are.

Seriously though, we admire the Shopify team for what they do and make it a point to integrate seamlessly with them. We might have separate email addresses but you’re going to feel like we’re all on the same team.

Neil Armstrong Worthy Launch Checklist

Our work may not be rocket science but it does feel like July 20th, 1969 whenever we launch a new project 👨‍🚀. For every single project we launch, we follow an extensive (and growing) launch checklist. We have reviews of the final code and final output both from an experienced developer and QA team member, more if needed.

Consider Every Customer Touchpoint

Every touchpoint is a brand opportunity to satisfy or disappoint your customers: A click, scrolling, each step they have to take from when they land on your homepage to the final confirmation page. After researching and discussing with your team, we carefully customize every customer touchpoint in the sales funnel to encourage satisfaction and conversion.

Our Take on the Shopify Plus Platform

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a modern, SaaS cloud digital commerce platform for mid-market and enterprise clients, typically merchants doing over a $1mm in annual sales. Built on top of the insanely popular Shopify platform, Shopify Plus offers more advanced features, a more robust API, and more customization of the checkout process than standard Shopify.

Unlike traditional software that you have to install and get hosting for (like Magento), with Shopify, you get a platform that provides all of the infrastructure you need baked right into monthly platform fee and you get most of the backend code customized for you and ready to go. Shopify has an app store like an iPhone, where you can get free and paid apps to extend what Shopify Plus can do, both on the backend for merchants and the front end for customers.

What are the benefits of Shopify Plus?

You save the dollars you would spend on the backend build portion of a traditional software project since Shopify provides all of that included in the monthly fee. You can spend on those dollars better on things like conversion optimization.

You get infinite scale for free. Shopify includes all the infrastructure you need and is cloud-based, meaning when you get increased traffic or a spike in traffic or a crazy number of orders you don’t need to anything except pop the bubbly. The platform scales for you, effortlessly.

The large public app store ecosystem provides a huge number of apps that integrate with third-party services that have built up around the Shopify ecosystem that are fast ways for merchants to improve their store’s conversion and experience.

The app ecosystem itself provides a lot of functionality that extends the platform at a reasonable cost.

Shopify is a true platform business and benefits from the virtuous cycle (see existing post on site about Magento Shopify culture for details)

Security - Because Shopify manages the checkout of billions of dollars of revenue they have huge teams, larger than you could ever have, keeping the checkout process crazy secure.

Shopify payments - Shopify is making startling, rapid progress towards a checkout-less checkout future. Shopify Payments, Shopify’s hosted payments platform (you can use your own if you want) has this crazy benefit where if you as a customer have made a purchase on any of tens of thousands of Shopify stores that use SP then Shopify prefills out your info for you speeding up your checkout on this store, even when this is the first time you ever bought something at that specific store. It’s crazy! And only gets more valuable over time.

Is Shopify Plus worth it?

We think so! Shopify is not a solution for every use case but for many standard browse-and-buy experiences it is often the best commerce solution offering the most value. There are limitations, but every platform has limitations. The trick to success in technology is being honest about what you actually need and what limitations actually matter to your business. When you find that sweet spot and are dispassionate with the assessment, you’ll find the right solution almost every time.

Is Shopify Plus right for you?

If you have a standard browse-and-buy store, regardless of SKU count really, and you have typical integrations for shipping, fulfillment, inventory, stock, and product data, then Shopify likely will work great.

Pay careful attention to the commerce experience you are looking to build. Standard browse and buy works awesome on Shopify. More specialized use cases, like selling tickets to theme parks—which require crazy rules based on date, season, packages, count, etc—or selling event tickets—which often require picking seats out in various venues and angles depending on the particular tour configuration of the stadium—require custom purchasing experiences. These tend to be better on traditional platforms like Magento.

Shopify is not limited by the kinds of custom integrations you need. Meaning, if you need some gnarly custom integrations it does not mean that Shopify won’t work. You need to look at what kind integrations are needed. Pay close attention to integrations that need to alter specific parts of the commerce integration layer. Some are not a problem, others might be tricky depending on the scenario and may require workarounds that are less than ideal over the long term. But keep in mind that many are. We built a store that sold alcohol and had to deeply alter many parts of the commerce flow—age gate, crazy tax rules, shipping limits, etc—and were able to come up with a great approach for our client using Shopify and a custom app.