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Shopify Plus

At Third & Grove, we know Shopify. We are a Certified Shopify Partner which means Shopify trusts us to solve the most complex problems. Our extensive engineering background lets us solve any of your problems from creating a new custom Shopify site, migrating an existing site to Shopify, or tuning up your experience with an SEO friendly, lightning fast front end theme. 

Data Driven Design, Digital Commerce, Expert Engineering, and our Digital Strategy are the key components that allow us to better serve our customers. Below find additional information on each of our areas and how they can help solve your business challenges.

TAG's Shopify Capabilities
Digital Commerce

We want your customers to have the best shopping experience possible. That means providing custom solutions when you need them most. Our skilled Shopify engineers know how to leverage the Shopify API, Shopify Apps, and the Liquid template layer to build sustainable, engaging customer experiences. We are here to be a partner and help reach your goals.

Expert Engineering

At Third & Grove, we are experts at custom solutions that are needed to provide the best user experience. We have managed Shopify platform migrations and complex integrations between Shopify and various backend components, like ERPs and order management systems. Need a custom Shopify app? Our expertise in creating custom Shopify apps allow us to help you solve any problem. And never worry about security again, as our technical knowledge ensures that both your business and your customers are protected.

Digital Strategy

Third & Grove prides ourselves on our data driven digital strategy. From analytics, to user experience, and audience paths analysis, we jump into the details to learn what will help most move the needle for your growth. Our analytics solutions not only give you insights into performance but also fuel our strategy to help exponentially grow your company.

Data Driven Design

Our data driven design means that your Shopify Store is designed with advanced user testing and analytical insights to ensure that it provides the best user experience for your customers. We also design in medium, which maximizes efficiencies by allowing a responsive design to be fully tested and experienced before development ever starts.

Boston Herald Store Shopify Case Study

We migrated the failing platform powering the Boston Herald Store to Shopify in record time.

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Cup of coffee

We leveraged Shopify Plus for a complex retail and warehouse coffee business.

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