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Aerospace Launches Innovative Content-First Experience

Rocket about to launch from the launchpad

How do you take a site that doesn’t have updated brand guidelines to a cutting-edge, content-first experience?

When the US Air Force has a problem related to space, they turn to Aerospace Corporation to help develop a solution. While their solutions are always forward-thinking, their outdated site didn’t reflect their expertise or passion.

“Aerospace was already ahead of the curve with their exceptional content and thought leadership which is some of the best in the industry. Unfortunately, their website look and experience was dragging them down.”


We gravitated toward a particular insight—Aerospace’s best resource and differentiator is the technical expertise of their highly-experienced and diverse team. Though we were initially scoped for a redesign, we challenged them to push the envelope, just like they would with any space problem, to create a truly content-first digital experience.

Bringing an immersive content-first experience to life

Aerospace was already creating industry-leading content regularly (something we can all learn from); our job was to make that content accessible across the site—and look good too.

Underneath the homepage hero is the Featured Stories section which Aerospace can easily control to showcase their best content. The Featured Stories is linked to any type of content so Aerospace can link to a single article or a section of the site that has multiple pieces of content.

Aerospace's homepage which has a section for six featured stories

In line with their core differentiator, their team is represented throughout the site via authorship and features on the top-level category pages. Aerospace instantly becomes more human and their team can take ownership of the hard work they put in day-in and day-out.

Example of team member profiles featured on one of their core pages

Through use of cookies (GDPR compliant of course), the new site tracks what content people engage with. The search functionality is the first step towards making this site personalized to each individual who engages with Aerospace.

Aerospace's suggested search feature

And possibly most importantly, the content-first experience is designed to lead people down the funnel. Users can connect with Aerospace with content they are interested in which enables Aerospace to easily segment their audience and keep a personal touch throughout the rest of the user journey.

Specific call to action to sign up for a segmented email list

How Well Does It Fly

The Aerospace team now has a site that is worthy of the innovative work they do every day. If we go back to the original request, we’d argue that the new design is significantly better than the old design. It’s eye-grabbing and it jives with their brand—being on the cutting edge, bold, envisioned, unstoppable.

Most importantly, the content-first approach has raised up their team to take a more prominent role among the people engaged with their brand. There’s always more to improve but for now—the 🦅 has landed.