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Designing a new experience to ease fleet management for auto dealers

If you have ever gone to a car dealership and asked to test drive a specific car with the options you want only to be told when you show up at the lot after some minutes that they can't find the car, you have encountered the problem our friends at CarIQ have set out to solve.

When a dealer has a large fleet of cars on his or her lot it's often difficult to know exactly which cars are actually at that moment in the lot (cars travel, even pre-sold ones) and if they are in the lot, where specifically they are. In addition, cars sitting on the lot need to be monitored for maintenance so the operations and repair team can keep all of the cars in the fleet in fine working order. Enter the CarIQ service. 

The Challenge

Car dealership workers spend most of their time on their feet and need an intuitive, easy to use experience to locate cars, identify maintenance issues, and integrate with overall dealership operations.

The Approach

Our in-medium design team immediately dove into the challenge and, after discovery, started rapidly creating concepts the client and TAG could iterate through. The central themes of the experience are action and spatial orientation. Action is critical because a car dealership is a fast changing, fluid environment where operational efficiency saves dollars. But dealerships are also large, so action needs awareness to be most effective. Our design brings a location-centered map together with monitoring data to inform and empower fleet management.

The Result

The CarIQ team now has a fully designed experience for their application -- bringing together notifications, spatial awareness, and never before available monitoring data into a compelling UX -- furthering their mission to make fleet management at car dealerships a breeze. 


CarIQ app home page dashboard


Reviewing alerts in the CarIQ app