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How an innovative coffee brand used Shopify Plus to scale their business

We leveraged Shopify Plus for a complex retail and warehouse coffee business.

Equator Coffees & Teas is an inspiring San Francisco Bay Area company focused on quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, and  the first coffee company in the United States to become a certified B Corp. The Equator team turned to Third & Grove when its existing digital commerce platform was running into issues accommodating the increasing complexity of Equator’s order fulfillment and digital commerce demands as the business grew. The team needed a new platform and a new site design to further support the success of its business.

The primary challenge of the project was that the site needed to support different types of commerce.   Some Equator customers purchase subscriptions, while others place one-time orders. Equator has both a retail and wholesale business, and all coffee products are made to order. Whatever digital platform the company  moved to had to be flexible enough to support different lines of business, extensible enough to support one-time and recurring orders, and cost-effective enough to allow Equator to maintain their marketing and sales budget.

As was the case with many of our clients in 2017, the ideal solution was Shopify Plus, the enterprise version of Shopify. When Shopify Plus doesn’t provide a particular functionality out of the box,  non-technical users can install third-party apps with the simple click of a mouse. The ecosystem offers several robust solutions for subscription purchases, and TAG chose the popular service ReCharge to meet Equator's needs. The cloud-based solution also manages the backend of commerce, making project budgets about half of what they would be for full-stack solutions like Magento, saving Equator money. 

Each morning, Equator's warehouse roasters prepare the coffee bean orders that came in the day before. . The Shopify Plus platform integrated seamlessly into this custom warehouse workflow so that freshly-roasted coffee bean orders could be fulfilled daily..

With Shopify, the Equator team has a powerful, flexible, and affordable digital commerce platform that can scale their business to any level.