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Equator gets a custom roast of Shopify Plus

Pouring coffee into a cup

Can a turn-key commerce solution handle unique ordering complexity?

Equator Coffee & Teas is more than a coffee company—it’s a caring company that aims to do right across its entire supply chain. Equator has the perfect start-up story: the founders started out in a small garage back in ‘95, and have grown their business to more than 100 employees with both a booming retail and wholesale business.

But the company’s growth slammed into a wall when its commerce platform and homebrewed ordering system weren’t able to handle the different types of commerce that it was adding to its business. This was a costly problem because they were losing customers by missing orders.

At Equator, some customers purchase subscriptions while others place one-time orders. That’s not unique to their business, but here’s the catch: All of Equator’s coffee is made-to-order. Their warehousing flow became too complex for their custom order fulfillment system to be reliable.

Screenshot showing Equator's custom roast product

It’s all about the subscriptions

Shopify Plus was capable of handling the regular orders out of the box, but Equator needed to account for its variable subscription purchases.

Screenshot showing Equator's available coffee subscriptions

After evaluating several third-party apps, we chose and implemented ReCharge, which proved to handle Equator’s coffee subscriptions seamlessly.

Every morning, Equator's warehouse roasters prepare the coffee bean orders that have come in the day before. The Shopify Plus platform integrates seamlessly into this custom warehouse workflow so that freshly-roasted coffee bean orders can be fulfilled daily.

Custom graphic showing Equator's proof lab and another image of pouring coffee into cup

A beloved brand finds their perfect blend

“What makes Equator such a beloved, special business is the care and respect they show to how coffee is sourced, packaged, and enjoyed. Whatever workflow we built for Equator, we knew we had to be respectful of the craft approach they take to customers enjoying coffee.”

Justin Emond, CEO & Co-Founder, Third & Grove


The new Shopify site provides the flexibility that the Equator team needs to accommodate the workflow changes that come from rapid growth. They’re in it for the long haul, and now they have a site that can keep up with them.