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Elevating a Financial Giant’s Engagement

A portfolio listing page, redacted


You say you have a top-shelf deal team but your digital presence says JV squad.

One of the world’s largest Private Equity firms, an owner of many iconic American brands with a portfolio valued in the billions, had a digital presence that contradicted the real quality of the company’s culture, talent, and people.

"The site was problematic beyond how it looked—our earliest conversations and analysis revealed the old site lacked direction. There weren’t clear CTAs, their navigation would lead to dead-ends, and there were no clean lines to separate who should be going where.”


User-informed data paves the way

Our strategy team started by identifying the personas of the typical site visitors and analyzing navigation patterns to understand how each group moved through the site. The user behavior data showed us that visitors were consistently navigating to only a handful of pages, and in most cases were completely missing what were originally thought to be obvious CTAs.

By gathering this data, it was easy to spot the main areas of friction in the user journeys. We restructured the site architecture to better align with the findings of the research and the company’s goal to improve their brand perception.

Reflecting the true brand voice through the digital brand

The old site was on Joomla which was out of date and made it difficult for the team to make simple updates to the site. When we migrated the site to Drupal 8, we built custom-tailored inline editing to make it easy and quick—the necessary requirements for an agile team.

"Now the client can edit pages as visitors see them which makes it more intuitive to non-technical people and allows for rapid iteration. Greater accessibility means a larger percentage of employees can contribute and engage with the site’s performance.”


Engagement soars with a data-driven modern experience

After we launched the redesigned site, we analyzed performance compared to benchmarked data and the results were phenomenal:

  1. Total traffic up 66%

  2. Unique users up 53%

  3. Time on site up 44%

  4. Total pages visited up 97%

  5. Pages per visit up 19%

  6. Bounce rate down 21%

"This was a perfect example of letting the data guide the strategy to see big results. Our initial discovery pointed out the limitations in the old design and we simply created something that addressed those limitations. Moving from the poor SEO setup of Joomla to an SEO-focused site on Drupal 8 was a huge boost for generating new visibility of our client’s brand.”