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Flexibility and a Slick New Site with a Rock Solid Foundation

Granite Construction unveiled a new corporate site built by Third and Grove that reflects its core value of “Building Value Together” and showcases a fresh, cutting edge look.

Granite Construction

The Challenge

As one of the largest infrastructure builders and construction materials producers in the nation with a nearly 100-year history, Granite Construction wanted a site that’s modern, easy to configure, and focuses on the strength of its partnerships and the power of building better together with clients, employees, and partners.

Our Approach

We created a site using modules that could be configured in multiple ways so that even if Granite Construction’s content doesn’t change, they can change the look of the site at any time. Just by putting modules together or switching them around, the new site is easy to change and manage while maintaining its slick design.

Rock Solid Technology

Drupal 8

Drupal was chosen for its powerful, flexible CMS and complex data architecture. Its enhanced editor experience and theme/caching layers were perfect for the content-heavy site.

Modular Approach

The site was designed to be modular in nature, so that pages could be built from a predefined set of UI components, configurable in any order. The Paragraphs module was chosen to allow us to create different sets of fields that could be attached to content types in any order, and easily rearranged.

The Unveiling

In April 2016, Granite Construction unveiled its new fully responsive, mobile-ready site featuring a fresh, modern design, and an engaging user experience with enhanced content showcasing the company’s diverse portfolio of work, services, and markets, as well as its commitment to safety and sustainability. Granite Construction is “Building Value Together” through its new site with clients, employees, and partners.