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Improving User Engagement through Redesigning… in 5 Weeks

Third & Grove launches on Drupal

Mint’s app was on the cutting edge of technology but their site wasn’t responsive and proved to be a burden to the marketing team. We delivered a sleek new site with a responsive design and a modern digital experience that lives up to the expectations of the leading personal money management tool.

“The site looks outstanding and is performing at an exemplary level, beyond even our highest expectations. We’re extremely pleased to offer a much better and appealing digital experience to our users.”


Project Highlights

Major CMS Upgrade for the Marketing Team

Mint outgrew their old CMS which limited the effectiveness of their marketing team. We implemented Drupal which provided the Enterprise solution they needed.

Five-Week Turnaround Time

We believe that doing things right is more important than speed. However, this project was in our sweet spot and we delivered a flawless site on a new platform in a total of five weeks from start to finish.

Personalization Introduced with Acquia Lift

The marketing team received a major upgrade with the ability to customize content on the homepage and key landing pages. Their team saw big user engagement improvements from this new foray into personalization.

The Challenge

Mint—do they even need an introduction at this point? Mint is one of the most popular money management tools on the web to the tune of hundreds of millions of monthly pageviews.

The Mint app was sophisticated but the site was in need of a more modern look, personalization, a mobile-responsive design, and a better content management system for non-technical users.

“The existing WordPress site was failing under the weight of Mint’s traffic and intense SEO demands across all their content. The marketing team wasn’t able to make changes to the site easily, and it took weeks instead of days or hours to push code changes live.”


It also needed to be lightning fast—at that kind of traffic scale, even milliseconds of wait time can severely impact the total amount of conversions.

Our challenge demanded the full-package: Can we modernize the digital experience, integrate powerful personalization and migrate to a new site in a timely manner?

Only one way to find out.

Our Approach

We started out by migrating the existing content from Wordpress to Drupal. We used the excellent Wordpress Migrate module to automate the migration of content from Wordpress to Drupal and some custom code to Drupal-ify the content as it was brought in. This saved major hours so we could focus more on the design and other integrations.

Implementation speed wasn’t the only issue; we wanted to reduce the migration risk to SEO as much as possible. We used analytics reports to build a cache warmer for launch (so Varnish was fully cached before the DNS was pointed at the site) and automated audit tools to create all of the redirects we needed with the Redirect module. This detailed process ensured that the full site was properly migrated with no hiccups.

The Technology

The project relied on two major technologies: Drupal 7 and Acquia.

Powerful Enterprise CMS from Drupal 7

The true value of Drupal for Mint was empowering their marketing team to overcome the limits of the Wordpress platform. They had customized Wordpress to the point that is was almost unusable.

By moving to Drupal, their team could create the functionality they were looking for and shed the technical debt that has accumulated for so long.

Personalization with Acquia Lift

In order to convert more anonymous traffic to registered users, Mint leveraged the Acquia Lift personalization tool to automatically tailor the content of the home page and several key landing pages to individual visitors.

We extended the personalization suite to allow editors maximum flexibility in customizing content all within the CMS editor.

Lighting Site Speed with Acquia Hosting

We pulled all levers to improve the load time of the site. We optimized our code and implemented the best practices for caching.

The investment in speed was worth it. We were able to get the load time down from consistently over 6 seconds to less than 2 seconds.

The Result

Turns out we were able to deliver on each project requirement and we completed the redesign in only five weeks. The new site has improved user engagement and allows Mint to continue its commitment to providing a better customer experience and enhancing its brand.

“We’ve done some really amazing things over such a short period.”