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Relaunching The Boston Herald Store in days with Shopify

The Boston Herald covers major sports and local events in the Boston metro area. As a news publication, the Boston Herald website sustains massive spikes in traffic when major news events occur. For iconic or personally meaningful events, readers enjoy buying a printed version of a specific Boston Herald newspaper front page.

The Challenge

While the Boston Herald site is powered by Drupal and is built for scale and speed, the store platform was failing. The store was powered by Drupal Commerce, an aging commerce platform not built for scale. Unable to handle the traffic spikes inherent in news business and requiring precious backend engineering resources to be maintained, the store continued to be drag on the Herald's digital commerce mission. We needed a new platform and we needed it quick.

The Approach

With the store platform failing we needed to migrate quickly and as efficiently as possible. Enter Shopify. Using Shopify we were able to stand up a brand new store experience, leverage all of the massive features built into the platform, and load up the products quickly in a matter of hours, not the weeks or months traditional custom platforms would have required.

Because it's a SaaS solution we were able to theme the site at the same time we configured Shopify and loaded the products. The ability to truly parallel path resources is one of the hidden gems of the Shopify platform and one of the major contributors to Shopify's better time to market than other solutions.

The Technology

We migrated away from Drupal Commerce 7 to the Shopify commerce cloud in days, not the weeks or months a custom code solution would have required.

The Result

Because the site runs in the Shopify cloud it can handle massive spikes in traffic. And with a dead simple UI used by thousands of Shopify users, the Herald team can easily manage their product inventory, orders, and the entire commerce experience themselves, without needing any training from us.

You can check out the new store here.

Boston Herald store powered by Shopify, by Third & Grove