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SRI relaunches with new site design and content architecture to drive content marketing and lead generation

Sep 27 '16

Last week, the Third & Grove and SRI teams launched with a new site design and content architecture.

SRI relaunch

We are thrilled to see this design go live, which represents a front-end refresh, as well as a back-end rebuild. As is often the case, the legacy SRI site was having issues scaling, creating problems for the marketing and biz dev teams, so the TAG team focused on re-architecting SRI's Drupal instance to allow for future content marketing flexibility, in addition to a custom Salesforce integration for tracking leads.

This project was especially fun for our team given SRI's contribution to the world of technology—from inventing the computer mouse to registering the first domain names (not to mention inventing Apple's Siri)—working with SRI has been a #nerds dream come true :)

Special thanks to Abby, Ross, Ed, Max, Alicia, Antonella, Damia, Mike D, Melissa, Kristina, Ramya, Maricris, Mike L, Mickey, Mike T, Katie and Rebecca for their amazing work on this project.

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