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Simple, Secure, and Scalable Storytelling for Financial Services

TPG Capital’s new site built by Third & Grove matches the brand’s personality­—a digital presence that is flexible, secure, and above all else, forward-thinking.


TPG iPhone

The Challenge

As a leader in international private equity, TPG Capital needed a new digital platform that matched their innovative business practices. Beyond a simple refresh, the goal was to completely rebuild the site with a flexible toolset for content publishing that met and exceeded the finance industry’s security requirements.

Our Approach

Our team focused on TPG’s workflows first and foremost. In an industry where news travels fast, the ability for non-technical team members to make quick edits on the fly was a key requirement. Once we had the back-end system in place, our front-end team translated new brand creative into a crisp experience on any device.

Future-Proofed Technology

Drupal 8 Third & Grove moved TPG Capital from Joomla to Drupal 8, making TPG one of the first enterprise-level clients on the platform. TPG Capital chose Drupal 8 for this rebranding and replatforming project because they wanted to modernize with a powerful, flexible CMS that also met the security needs of the finance industry. As part of the migration, we leveraged a deep understanding of Drupal 8 (Third & Grove employs one of the five core maintainers in the world), which allowed our team to make immediate strides in development, streamlining our implementation of TPG Capital’s goals.

Swiftype With multiple platforms and broad industry coverage, it became clear that TPG’s diverse content mix would require a thoughtful site-search experience to give users a clear path for finding relevant information. Our solution was to custom-integrate Swiftype, creating a unique front-end experience with search results in the header, and a content workflow on the back-end which publishes and deletes content in real time.

In-Line Editing For the TPG Capital team, being able to rapidly edit content without developer involvement was a workflow requirement. To facilitate this, we enabled front-end editing capabilities for the most used content types. Now the team can make inline edits right on the screen, which democratizes the content production process and saves valuable time when sensitive information needs to be updated.


TPG Case Study

Going Public

The new site built by Third & Grove launched in March 2016 and has been recognized as one of the first (and best looking) enterprise-level Drupal 8 sites on the web. Looks aren't everything though, and the data tells a compelling story—we tracked immediate double-digit lift in every engagement category in the weeks after launch, and continue to work with the TPG team to fine-tune the experience.