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When Acquia, the company founded by Drupal’s creator, asked us to redesign its website, we were excited as an 8-year-old on Christmas morning.

Since Acquia is the only true open digital experience platform company in the world (thanks to being built on the open source CMS Drupal), we saw it as an amazing opportunity to push site experience further, to properly showcase that leadership.


The primary challenge was one common to modern organizations: Acquia has a diverse set of audience personas that the website must serve well. Prospective and existing customers are important, of course, but so are Acquia’s partners, current employees, potential employees, press, Gartner and Forrester analysts, and investors. What our team discovered in our research, stakeholder interviews, and analysis, is that at the core, each group wanted the same three things: to trust Acquia as a brand; to feel understood; and to feel supported.


For that reason, we focused the redesign effort on three pillars, all of which are areas of strength and competitive advantages: an outstanding product suite, an active open source community that accelerates marketer and developer velocity, and the best-in-class customer support brands need for critical digital infrastructure.

The result is a new site experience that reflects the modern company that is Acquia and further accelerates their B2B lead generation efforts online.

The results were spectacular — stay tuned soon for when we can discuss these publicly!