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Fresh powder for the city dwellers

Goldwin is a premium outdoor lifestyle brand that inspires people to live unfettered from the chalet to the subway. But when it came to connecting with customers online, Goldwin had a mountain to climb but no equipment. Our crew kitted them out for success.

  • 61% increase in unique customers
  • 32% increase in repeat purchases

More than ski wear, it’s a premium lifestyle

There might be some ski bums who go for Goldwin but the main audience is proud urbanites who find their escape during the weekends and week-long trips to skiing meccas around the world. Personal style means just as much to them as never settling for anything less than the best.

We introduced movement and a dynamic feel to the experience, just like what you’d expect on the slopes. Shopping has been simplified, removing friction from the buying process. By completely reorganizing the catalog structure, we were able to optimize the navigation and allow the customer to find the products they’re most interested in.


Nobody knows the mountain like the locals

Goldwin was fighting through the daily struggles of keeping up with an ever-changing industry — they could not make a single change without a developer. The revamped Shopify store is built for complete control from the marketing and merchandising teams.

Goldwin is falling in love with Shopify again. Campaigns are launching in record speeds and there’s a renewed ability to leverage apps that enhance the customer experience and empower the backend functionality.

Beyond the store

Frictionless ecommerce is just one component of the solution. Taking a step back, we worked to ensure that all touchpoints in the buyer's journey, from the welcome to the abandoned cart, were optimized and consistent with the overall brand. Ensuring Goldwin is as multi-channeled as their customers.