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Extending PureCloud for Drupal customer support integration

Jan 18 '17
Drupal + PureCloud integration

In the past year, one of our clients in the B2C space wanted to deepen the integration between their customer support team of several hundred support agents via their website on the Drupal platform. The team selected PureCloud as the application to provide and streamline the chat support and chat phone support across more than 400 support agents located in five offices across two continents.

Third & Grove was tasked with integrating the support experience within the client's digital platforms. Although PureCloud provides an excellent API by which to access data on support interactions between agents and customers, it doesn't provide any way to query that data via an admin account. To make the support process a unified and uninterrupted part of the overall customer journey, we built a Drupal module, PureCloud, to provide a more seamless integration. One use case, for example, is that we can get wait times from the PureCloud API that display for both chat and phone on the Quicken's Drupal platform. The PureCloud module has been key to unifying and enhancing the customer engagement process.

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